Oprah Winfrey Show with Octo-Mum, Nadya Suleman

Awwwww……….I’m touched with tears now as I’m watching Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewing Octu-Mom, Nadya Suleman. The mother who has six kids and eventually another 8 in 1 labour, totalling 14 kids.



She’s so strong and noble to insist taking care of all her 14 children, single-handedly. She only sleeps around 3 hours everyday. Other mothers might have surrendered and give away or worst, sell away some of the babies rather than slogging her life away just to provide for the babies.



Catch a video of how she spends her days taking care of her babies here, http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Experience-a-Day-in-the-Life-of-Nadya-Suleman-Video_1 The babies are realllyyyyyyy cuteeeee!! Do watch it!!!

And she know damn well no man will want her, at least for a long long time. Which man will want a woman with 14 kids? She has so much love for her kids and I’m shocked why some people just cant feel it.

Nadya sounded so sorry with tears in her voice when she said how guilty she is when she knows she can never provide enough love to all her 14 kids because at any one time, she can only hold 2 or 3 babies in her arms, and the other babies will be crying. =~(

Why cant the media and all people spare a thought for her and give her opportunities for survival instead of desperately eager to get a piece of her by coercing her to act in porns or slamming her for appearing in bikinis in magazines for attention? All she wants is income for survival and the bikini advert pays her well even though she finds that embarrassing. And does she has the chance to spend the money? No! She was so busy with taking care of her kids and the money simply went to the 3 nannies she employed as well as food for all of them.

And seriously, to the people who slammed her saying she tried to have octuplets just to gain media attention and popularity, do they ever think any other normal person would have survived having so many babies in 1 labour?? The pain all that??  Does a mother who tried so hard to take care of her babies, exhausting herself, having only 3 hours sleep per night, suffering heavy dark eye circles, looks like she wants fame???? No one in the right mind will want fame in this way when it’s definitely not a fair exchange nor promising investment.


“I will die before I give up my children.” – Nadya Suleman


I really have so much respect for her! Yes, despite the pregnancy might be her mistake, might be unplanned. But at least she took up the responsibility, did not waver. She remained as strong and determined just to keep all of them surviving. I dare say a man might not have so much guts and perseverance! Just imagine not all 14, but merely only 4 kids crying at the same time, can you take it or not??

Nadya, we will always be behind you!!! Stay strong!!

We love you and all your kids!!


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