Gimme a break

New year is coming. I really wish “it”  f* up lesser so that I can have less shit to clear. It really douses my mood. =(

And, sometimes I wonder why some people talk in a way that’s soOooooOOo intolerable. The best part is, they totally think it’s fine! The most fantastic part is, these people often feel it’s other people who have the problem, it’s never their problem. (=.=)”””””’

The real funny thing is actually many people think along the same line and often roll eyes or giggle in unanimous consensus. To the point that, it’s freaking funny with the forced straight-faces. I might be real wicked to be one of the few but what can I do? Nobody likes telling people off and letting people tell them off. Not as if they can accept with grace.

But that probably means, irritating people will continue to be irritating forever. Sigh. Any way to hint without being offensive?

They’re not bad people. Just…well….not to be “consumed daily”.

I told dearie, “If one day, I became irritating unknowingly, please do tell me. I dont wish to be a clown, laughed by masses and not knowing why people laugh.”

Dearie: Of course, I’ll tell you dear, but I know you wont become like that. =)

Aiya who knows, when one ages, one will change. Perhaps I’ll become more lo-soh….actually I already felt I did get more lo-soh liao leh! =P …Dont know why, I kept repeating what I said, for fear of people didnt hear properly or catch me. =(  That’s the first symptom I think. I did try to curb from repeating myself.  Lol.


One Response to Gimme a break

  1. efatrie says:

    lol i agree w not to b consumed daily. fang qing song and everything will b fine!!

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