Pattaya work trip

Hiyo my dear friends. Hope you all have been well during my absence. Thanks for dropping by despite there’s no entries for these few days. =P Yup I’m back. It has been a super tiring but great work trip. I really gained alot in every aspect and thanks to my great colleagues and managers who were the organizers. =) Thanks to the colleagues who organized the team bonding games too!

I’m still pretty shag now and I dont have the intention to clearly blog about the whole trip since 90% was work, pretty sensitive. I dont have pictures to share too because we were rushing for almost the whole trip including meals, shopping etc. The main reason was mainly because I was looking all cui and scary because I hardly had any makeup on la. Arlo, when you’re so damn tired with a meeting which lasted for more than 12 hours, you wont really care about how you look liao lah. Haha. Of course many of my colleagues still looked as fresh and pretty as ever. =) Do pardon my unsporting-ness for trying my best to avoid all the flashes. =P Paiseh neh~

Some highlights of our Pattaya trip will be we went to their zoo where we watched cute pig’s races, fun elephants show, thrilling tiger and crocodile shows which held us in suspense. While watching the tiger and crocodile shows, I was feeling soOooOo…mixed up. On one hand, I was very impressed with the trainers and very entertained. On the other hand, I was hoping such performances to lure tourists can be stopped as they’re very dangerous and high-risk. Number game okie…you wont know when the animals will ki siao, right or not? And we probably can guess the trainers dont earn much too. All we can do were to merely give more tips as a token of appreciation.

Many of my colleagues fed the baby tigers with milk in bottles and were caught on photos. They were SO CUTE! The pictures were prompt, sharp and vibrant too. I meant to do it too, but sorry ah, 洁癖 ah… =P We visited the zoo right away after touched down from Tiger Airways and we didnt have ANY sleep at all since we left home at 3+am. You can just imagine how “seh” we were.

We had little time to do shopping, merely a few hours after our free-and-easy dinner. The dinner was absolutely uber delicious!!! Thanks to Angie dear for the treat!!! Erm, sorry I cant share the name of the restaurant because we simply gorged on the food when it arrived. I only bought a t-shirt, shorts and a dress and I’m already the “champion” liao. The others almost bought nothing. We did however, lugged lots of beer from 7-11 back to our hotel to drink. =) Thanks to Alice who treated us to beer too!! The beer were so damn cheap, each bottle was like S$1+. Soft drinks and juices cost much more.

By the way, we loved our second hotel. It’s Nova Platinum! It’s a very new hotel with luxurious pools, jacuzzi and very lovely rooms. Very modern design which you’ll like. =) No tubs though. We didnt have time to soak in the jacuzzi(now you believe we really dont have much time eh) which is a regret. =P One note though, the room service food werent very nice, despite being cheap and all. So you probably can skip that. It’s located in town. When we’re out of the hotel, we merely turned left and walked all the way. There, you’ll find the very nice restaurant/cafe which served yummilicious food which I’ve mentioned. Cum veryyyy little shopping. We walked so much until we had to cab back. But cheap cheap, 150baht only.

On the other hand, the guys entertained themselves in pubs with drinks with lots of “ice-cream” on the eyes. I’m glad my boy came clean everything with me without me asking. Aiya, as if he can do anything when I’m there on the trip. HAHA. Actually I also wont ask one lah, but I’m really quite shocked when he told me the girls(not ah gua) were totally naked in the bar. =X And what they did were merely paying for a beer which costs around 60+baht, which is like S$3+ only! Of course, if you want more services, you’ll have to pay more. Can see so many hum sup ang mors at Pattaya. =P

We also enjoyed 1hour free massage as sponsored by boss, tank Q very much! As well as visiting the gems huge mall there. It’s really interesting when they shared knowledge on the semi-precious stones as well as every birth stone. Few bought I guess, wary of the cut-throat prices. I was actually kind of attracted to the south china sea pearls. They were probably the only stuff there which was cheaper than in Singapore, for the same sizes. They cost around S$8K or so while I saw them being sold in Lee Hwa for 5 digit figure. Dearie wanted to buy for me when I mentioned casually that they’re cheaper by few thousand. I was pleasantly surprised, however it’s totally not my style to wear like a S$8K pearl on my chest. I was thinking, “siao!” Hahaha! We’re not the uber rich and can definitely can use the money for better use. =) Aren’t you glad you got a nice wifey like me dear? Muahahahahaha. Moreover, they didnt have the the brilliant yellowish-gold, gorgeous south china sea pearl like what was featured in the HK drama, 掌上明珠. =P It was after that show that I grew so crazy with pearls. Haha!

The whole trip ended with a bang when our last stop fell on a shop which sells yummy and cheap goodies like pokie, pineapple tarts, snacks etc. We’re grabbing everything off the shelves like some ah siao because it’s like the only place we can buy stuff with our baht! We tried hard to spend all our baht away but still left quite alot. Nevermind la~=)

Okie, I go zZz liao~ Super sleepy! Update more soon. Ciaoz!

Miss ya all~ Smuacks~


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