The GREAT Woman

Great Eastern Life – The GREAT Woman Pledge

Tell us why “It’s great to be a woman!” For each pledge received, Great Eastern will make a donation to Breast Cancer Foundation.

Oh yesssss~!~!~!~ When I saw this ad for the first time, the lightning thought which stroked through my mind was “Oh yesssss! I absolutely loveeeeeee my monthly menstrual cramps which always torture and reduce me into a pathetic wriggly worm in bed.” with a full 360degrees roll of eyes. Not to mention those “wet” days where I have to carry a baby’s mat with me so that I dont stain my white sofa or my newly changed bedsheets. The worse of all would be the hormonal changes in the body, which means a breakout of pimples, lethargy, restlessness, and not to mention the amazing power to transform a sunny queen into an EMO queen.

I love love love them lor.

I probably cant comment how wonderful it is to bear a seedling of life in the tummy for 10months until it springs into a beautiful baby like many noble mothers have marvelled, since I’ve never been pregnant in my whole life, yet. But I’m woefully, pessimistically expecting the gain in weight when/if I’m pregnant. Therefore, for the time being, the only “fantasy” which I have now is how many kg I may gain if I ever get pregnant. Which of course, is very unappealing. And this noble duty of bearing offspring lies with women, until scientists invent a way to let the males give birth instead. Haha. And I haven mention about the morning sickness, delivery pain all that yet!

Can I say how honored that we females are given this holy duty of giving offspring? =)

For NOW, until I experienced that myself, I cant imagine that being a strong contributing factor to being a woman and I’m giving a disclaimer here. Who knows, my views might change when it’s my turn to give birth. =)

While I totally agree both sexes have to bear responsibility for an unplanned baby, why is that the female will always be blamed more and be given the “look” when such things happen? I seldom see the males get blamed huh~ And to prevent such things from happening at all costs, all times, we females have to be constantly on the pill which purportedly said to cause higher risk in breast cancer. Ok I know there is that “C” thing but I’ve heard cases of it being torn or so. The females, seemed to carry more responsibilities from the day we’re born with our wombs, as decided by God.

I know some girls love their sexes because of the number one reason of being able to go ladies night, enjoy free drinks on the house or from guys etc. But aiya, you’ll grow through that phrase in your life and by the time when you can jolly well afford your drinks and cover charges, it’s actually not that big a deal. I know humans will always love “sales” or “discounts”, but personally, I dont see that as a strong contributing factor to being a woman. And I always believe nothing comes free in this world. Clubs offer ladies night because ladies will attract the men, who in turn will spend alot on drinks for a higher chance in…whatever agenda they’ll up to. And girls who wish to enjoy free drinks have to socialize no matter they like it or not. I have to say, alcohol can loosen a female’s inhibition. An unfriendly and haughty woman might just open up to a simple conversation after little alcohol. =) Butttt………………………….

That is provided what?

That is provided that the female is at least presentable to be picked up! It’s almost 99% proven that males are visual creatures and no matter how much they claimed that the inner beauty is more important, they always follow up with a disclaimer, “Hmm…but at least must be presentable…and not too fat.” So what’s the conclusion? You have to be presentable before you can get hitched! Because if you’re not presentable to start with, the males wont even get near you and try to know you. If that’s so, how can they see your inner beauty?

In this era, Men are valued by their brains and treasured by their net worth while Women by their looks and figures, machiam like a vase like that. Dont you realise all the popular female bloggers are pretty and even when they’re not so very, they have to use photoshop? On the contrary, for the famous male bloggers, most dont even (need to) reveal their faces, like rockson, LBT, sibeisian and the ones who revealed……….like kennysia, Mr Brown…you know lah huh~

SoOoooo………….this is why to a certain extent, dolling up and maintaining complexion and figure is a compulsory context from the day we were born. Some mothers even encouraged their teens daughters to go for plastic surgeries and these kids were brought up thinking the most important mission and meaning in their lives is to get prettier and prettier, hitch a handsome, young and rich hubby and be a tai tai.

Sigh, I also dont wish to say much about them lah but well, when I was younger, I also wish to get hitched too! Not to be tai tai or whatever(seriously I didnt think that far), merely to be treasured and be loved. =D So, I had to doll up lor! And it’s troublesomeeeeee. We have to take care of making an impression without looking like a s*ut or trying too hard and also be constantly worried about running light when we simply wore lesser because of the freaking hot weather. So unfair isnt it??

And recently, I’m getting sick with those wired garments(if you know what I mean). It’s an agony especially when you have them on for more than 10hours. Guys, you can never understand that feeling. Why we need them?? Because we’re born with 2 more pieces of meat on our body…. If only gravity dont exists…. =P What’s more, we’re constantly judged by the SIZE of that 2 extra assets, which is clearly obvious by almost 90% of clothings we wear. Too small leh, kanna suan. Too big leh, kanna teased. Both are not nice feelings.

Guys can simply look smart in t-shirt with jeans while girls have to do more stuff in order to stand out just because guys cant see inner beauty when other hourglass-figured, sexy kittens were strutting around in backless sheaths and stilettos. =) Oh, and some guys think these group of stunning ladies were being materialistic because they were not given much attention initially as compared with other guys, contributing the reasons being, they’re not as rich or suave or whatever.

Actually hor, it’s just a number game lah. You see, when some females had put in sooo much effort to look their best, naturally the number they attract is also not few. And when people have choices, they will choose. It’s as simple as that! If you have a group of ladies salivating over you, will you give more attention to the prettier ones? Of course you do. Will you eye the sexy-figured ladies more? Of course you do. Will you prefer the younger ones? Of course you do!

So, dont pot calling the kettle black lah. =P

Although after the initial impression, I do believe we all look at the inner beauty, a.k.a personality etc.

That being said, I’m the weird one out. I dont go for looks/status, not even at first impression. Rather, I see how the guy speaks and carry himself. It’s VERY important. And I have this thing for guys who are funny. =) Handsome, monotonous dudes are a bore. =P

Some girls love being females because they feel they will always get pampered by guys. But guys dont get pampered meh? I pamper my hubby sOoOo much okie! So actually it depends on what kinda boyfriend or spouse you get. If you get a buay zi dong boyfriend or hubby, he still wont pamper you.

Actually, one of the few sought-after privileges of being a woman by many, is the excuse to fall back on the term “weaker sex”

1) when one did not do her best,

2) one who merely wish to do lesser,

3) and when one was being weak emotionally

I dont like to fall back on either of these 3 factors although I have to admit sometimes I do when I’m emotionally down. You’ll expect more words of consolation when you’re a girl. Guys usually get no more than a pat on the shoulder. Lol. Ke lian hor? But sometimes, it’s actually the term of “the weaker sex” which deters some females from climbing even higher in life. And when it didnt, for some outstanding females, they’re termed as dominating, assertive, aggressive and ambitious. And most of the time, all these deter their suitors too, especially when it’s tedious when the guys have to constantly do better than the females so that they’re in a better status to woo them. Where couples are concerned, it often raise an eyebrow whenever females are earning more than their male partners. The male spouses usually dont like it too.

In this modern society, it’s tough being a woman because we have to juggle so many roles in life, i.e, in our work, as a spouse, mother, daughter or sister etc. And it’s not easy to excel ALL our roles at the SAME time. I’m still trying very hard. I’ll probably try to do better until I stop breathing.


NOT because I’m a woman, because I am myself.

Muahahahahaha! =P

(P/S The above are purely my personal opinions. “The Great Woman Pledge” strives to instill pride amongst women! So, if you can, tell Great Eastern why you think “It’s great to be a woman!” and inspire others. Great Eastern will make a donation to Breast Cancer Foundation for every pledge received.  =)

2 Responses to The GREAT Woman

  1. fabrizzo says:

    ive seen the site of great to be women,and its full of sexist can great eastern even feel it being justified putting them up?they should be ashamed.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Just because there are sexist people who are very free to post sexist comments doesnt mean the event wasnt for a good cause. It’s common knowledge that being a woman is not easy, explained fully by my own post. That’s why, women are great, in my humble opinion. However, do not mistaken that this statement means I do not think Men are great. Men are great too. We both have our own roles to play. You do not need to agree with me. However, I dont see there’s anything to be ashamed of. If there is, one should be ashamed of sexist comments posted because everyone, no matter male or female, should learn to respect and accommodate each other.

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