11.1.11 YC & ML’s ROM

The date actually meant 11.01.2011! Nice number eh?

It was YC & ML’s ROM!!

Friends always know how lazy I am and I absolutely avoid Downtown east at all costs. However, this time round, it was YC’s ROM! Definitely must lend some support especially when YC’s is my bestie, Huey’s darling brother. YC also helped us alot when we were shopping for electronics at Gain City. =D Trotted my way down to meet Huey and Al at Pioneer to go down together as Al drives. More companionship for the long long journey. =)

I was last minute appointed as the wedding photographer. Muahahahaha. Er…pardon for the shots, ultimately, I’m just an amateur! Took a total of around 160+ shots with the Lumix LX5, basically a point-and-shoot camera. 99% are clear shots, thanks to Lumix’s flash in the slightly dark indoor area. However, colour have to touch up for contrast as colours of flash shots looked kinda dull. I also realised after tons and tons of clicks, it became kinda slow for the next shot to be captured. =( Abit 手忙脚乱 during the exchanging of rings. Thank god Huey captured the whole process on video. =)

Actually I’m not very satisfied with the pictures I took lah, despite it being my 1st time. The main reason was probably erm, I’m not the kind who will click very well with strangers at 1st meeting or liven up the atmosphere. And I think that’s the most important attribute of a good photographer. He or she must be able to click with people, make them feel at ease so that smiley and natural pictures can be captured. For wedding photography, actually basically there’s no time for you to capture special angles. You merely take as many pictures as you can so that the best shot can be captured for every precious moment. Most importantly, you do not miss any moment. Of course, you can spend more time capturing those macro shots of rings, albums, cakes etc if you have ample time. That was what my own wedding photographer told me. =)

Alrighty! Here are the pictures!!

I did a sucky job at warming people up, so much so that few smiled at the camera. My fault. =( And erm, I did not actually took shots of all the guests present because 90% of them were camera-shy. including the kids! And I didnt really coax them…well paiseh la…I dont know them….I’m afraid I scared them off. Lol. Then also dont dare take candid shots.

Perhaps when I’m not that starved, I’ll do a better job. Lol. I only ate my “breakfast” at 8+pm. Almost died. A starving Fion is a grumpy Fion. =P Just kidding.

I wish the lovely couple eternal marital bliss and hope they 甜甜蜜蜜!! =D

(P/S Huey, will mail you and YC the CD individually tmr so that both of you get a copy sooner as I’m going Pattaya soon. =D)


3 Responses to 11.1.11 YC & ML’s ROM

  1. huey says:

    Thank you so much girl! MUACKS!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    No problem….I’m not professional also lah..haha…

  3. Chilli Padi says:

    I mailed 2 discs to YC. You get 1 from him ok. =D

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