Catching up!

I better finish blogging the events before I forgot their sequence again. Though I’m actually quite sick right now. Dearie brought me to see Doctor Tan yesterday morning. The chest pain was indeed very disturbing with every breath I take. Felt much better after taking the medicine. However, became as sick as a dog and totally san3 after the medicine.

Will summarize the past events instead.

2th Jan 2010, Sunday Evening

Gra, Suan, Kat came to my house to wine and dine. For dining, actually Gra and Suan tabao mee siam for me. Haha. Thanks for the Xmas pressies too!! =) Kat brought along her suitor(as she often referred him as, lol), Tom and kinda surprised me. I dont mind his presence but I’ll really appreciate if I can notified in advance in future. Especially when I dont know him well lah. Kinda weird.

Main reason is also I’m often skimpily clothed in the house when all are female guests. Kinda sent me scurrying to the room to change when I saw him at the door. Arggghhh. And also I had hoped the night to be a girl’s night lah. Ok lah…after awhile…we did chat alittle regarding reno as Suan and Kat will be renovating their homes soon.

All in all, not a night as fun as I’ve expected. Haiz….



3rd Jan 2010 Monday afternoon

Went Claud’s house at Jurong together with Janet and Jansen. The 2 Jans. Haha. Hers was a masionatte and it was huge. For lunch, Claud treated us Canadian pizza and wings. Yummy! Janet also brought Sky, her 2+years old son to play together with Callum, Claud’s son. They are around the same age. Callum was madly cute! He looked like those who always appear in commercials and I joked why didnt Claud bring him for audition. He has brownish black hair, huge eyes and fair skin, just like mixed baby although both parents are Singaporeans. Sky has always been attitude and looked more like Rain, the cool cool type. But oh manz, he’s super alpha male. When he’s bent on snatching a toy, he must get it! Once, when he cant get a toy from Callum’s hands because Janet was holding to it, stopping him, he got so agitated that he beat Callum on the face/head. OMG! I’m so shocked then I sprang up from the sofa to stop him. Claud also trotted forward to bring away her Callum.

Then both toddlers started to cryyyyyyyyyyyyy~

Callum cried because he kanna beaten while Sky cried because he failed to snatch that toy.

=.=””””””””””””””” Both are only sons by the way, for now.

Humph! If my son is like Sky, I’ll make sure I’ll smack him hard and not merely scolding him off, which Janet did. She said toddlers cannot smack, else they’re become more and more rebellous. Hmm….dont know how true. But guess, I’ll be a super violent mummy if I ever have kids. =P

We had alot of fun sharing what’s going on in our lives and basically just chat everything under the sun. It was a wonderful meet-up and I hope we can arrange another one soon! Though it’s pretty difficult, as you can see, most of them are mummies already and the kids are still small. We do look forward to some mates settling down soon with their partners. =)

I reached at around 2pm and we all left at around 7pm I think.


3rd Jan 2010, Monday Evening

Went Orchard Ice Cold Beer to meet L. It has been a long long time since I met the babe. I think it was since her wedding at Hyatt. She was back in Singapore for 3 weeks with her hubby before they have to go back Japan again. They were indeed very busy because they aimed to find a flat as well as a banker within that 3 weeks, while meeting friends now and then! Wah! But they did! Thank god!

As usual, other than our rounds of beer, I had to order food to eat. Muahahaha. Love ICB’s shrimp wanton! We caught up with what’s happening recently as well as our future plans, or rather, her future plans. Where her new flat will be etc. The ridiculously high COV prices in property also got us talking especially when the area they’re getting are pretty centralized. Which means super expensive! When I told her that a friend of mine got a Bishan flat at $70K over valuation, instantly she felt so much better after saying it’s crazy! Lol. It was pretty noisy in ICB so we adjourned to BQ for more beer where it’s more conducive for conversations.

But I was kinda wrong. Sigh. It was Monday and it’s as packed as if it’s a saturday! Our songs took forever to come…and we kinda have to talk louder in order to be heard. Anyway, I told her to ignore the crowd and enjoy the beer. We love the San Miguel beer, 2.5jugs going at $53. Cheap! L’s hubby came to join us shortly after and helped us finished our beer. After that we went for supper at the junction kopitiam. Cant imagine we still can eat right? Haha.

It was a lovely meeting and I was glad there were no awkward moments as we haven seen each other for a long long time. =)

Adr and I will be going Japan in either Mar or Apr. L gave me her number in Japan too. We can certainly use her hospitality! First question will be where and how should we go for the most gorgeous sakura blossoms. =D

Till we meet again!


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