New Year Eve @ Pinnacle, Duxton

We count down to year 2011 at Jame’s and SH’s lovely apartment at Pinnacle, Duxton! Dearie was working till 10+pm and you will be surprised I actually spent the whole day at home doing nothing but housework and big clearing! By then, I was really tired and was like half an hour late when I met dearie at Outram. You know when you’re really tired, you just do everything extra s-l-o-w-l-y. It got dearie kinda pissed despite my apology. He wasnt usually that easily irritated but perhaps he’s too fatigued with work. However, when we reached their house at 11pm and seeing all the friendly and warm faces of the gang, all were forgotten. =)

We drank alittle beer and munched some pizza while playing the card monopoly. After 1 game, we were already excitedly waiting for the lift to go up to the 50th floor! Didnt have to wait too long as we’re at the 43rd floor. We have as many as 8 person but only with 2 access cards. Every household has 2. And actually there’s a trick to sneak in more than 1 person with just 1 card. However, as that day was so significant, an annoying security guard was there to make sure no foul play. Humph. =P Also, at any one time, there’s a limit of 1000 people at the rooftop. Aiya, actually it’s not as crowded as I thought too. We were all reluctant to use the cards, pushing to each other. In the end, all of us were hovering at the gate just few minutes before midnight, looking silly holding onto the access cards. Haha. It wasnt untill the kind owners coaxed Adr and I to go in, saying that they’ve already watched fireworks before during national day and it’s okay if they missed this time, THEN we relented and went in. Paiseh mah!

HR was there with his professional tripod and bulky camera while I was trying to capture the best view with my Lumix. Erm, it was okay lah. If you see the pictures, you’ll get what I mean.

Yah! That stupid building very irritating right? I heard it was capitol square or something. Not sure. Nevertheless, it was still a very enchanting new year when everyone cheered and wished everyone a wonderful new year ahead when the fireworks bloomed!! =D The fireworks was up for around a short 8minutes. Then we went back Jame’s house to continue play games!

We had “ugly doll”, “pictionary” and the traditional daidee with 2 decks of cards. But our daidee is not totally the same like what you usually play. We had this special rule whereby there will be 3 president and 3 arseholes. So the biggest president will exchange 3 of his worst cards with 3 of the lowest arsehole’s best cards. The Vice president will change 2 cards and the 3rd president will change 1. There will be 2 neutral parties where they will just play their own cards. Before the game starts, we determined the rank by the biggest card.

At first thought, you will think it’s unfair and meaningless for the game to be played this way, as the arseholes have little chance of climbing to the top. But you are wrong! And it’s the drive to want to climb to the top that makes the game more fun and challenging. Whenever every round end, some got promoted, some got demoted and some stayed the same. Very funny lah! Of course, you must play this game with integrity, no cheating. Even when it means sacrificing 3 of your dees to the president.

At the very start, I started as the main president as the single card I drew was the biggest. Through the game there were ups and downs, just like how life is. I got demoted to the very lowest arsehole and it was difficult trying to break through. Eventually, I climbed back to the top as main president again at the very last game. I guess so long so one never stops trying, he/she can always climb up on his feet and climb back to the top, no matter how low he had fallen. =)

Actually we had the most fun during the “ugly doll” game. To see everyone ganjiong whenever a card was flipped, in order to snatch whenever 3 similar dolls cards surfaced, was absolutely hilarious! Ganjiong me was anxiously sweeping up most cards and they introduced more rules to keep this ganjong auntie in check. =P Firstly they made it a forfeit if you accidentally touched a card which wasnt surfaced 3 times, and when I was still winning, a new rule was introduced so that we can only use 1 hand. =P Lol. Because usually both my hands will shoot out and grab 2 or even 3 cards at the same time. Hahaha. Damn funny lah. They viewed me as some octopus or something and was shocked by my 闪电手. Muahahahaha. It was still very fun! I really appreciate such healthy games where no drinking is involved. I mean, forfeit with drinking is also fine but the problem is, at the end of the game, some people will be gone or busy puking everywhere. Haha.

The guys also played some Wii and computer games after that.

We played all the way till 6am and by the time we reached home, it was around 7+am! Wah! I seldom stayed that “early” these days! It was actually less tiring than full night mahjiong or drinking session. =D

Play again soon! Hmm….maybe we should source for more games for big groups. =D Maybe I will go buy “ugly doll”. Can play at my house. It’s really a easy and fun game. Hahahaha! Pictionary still have to prepare a big white board, and hanged on the wall for easier view. Actually we took some group pictures with HR’s tripod camera but dearie said we looked very cui and didnt even bother to forward me. Lol.

Looking forward to Chinese New Year Celebration. =)


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