Long time no see ah!

Thursday 30th Dec 2010

Finally got to meet the super busy Jess with Lin. She was on leave, thus was able to meet us. Her work was the super hectic kind and it was almost impossible to meet, not even weekends. The bride-to-be was as cheerful and funny as ever. GOd, I cant remeber the last time the 3 of us met! I think it was at my last last birthday chalet! Very happy for her as finally she’s settled down but the ironic thing was she kept lamenting that it was “bo biannnnn because the house come liao.”

Lol. Looking forward to their ROM in March and it will be an outdoor event. oOo Great! Though, I might have to prepare super powerful sunblock and oil control primer liao. Else you will see a ghost among the pictures when all my makeup meltzzzz! Haha.

We had a late lunch at Olio Cafe and we used my voucher!! 1 for 1 pasta/sandwich/pizza!! Yay!!! I’m auntie can? =P

Left: Lin’s Club Sandwich      Middle: Jess’s bacon aglio olio     Right: My crayfish and crab claw meat pasta(tomatoe-based)

Review: Olio Cafe(Marina Square)

We shared one another’s food and they were all very tasty. Though I do feel mine was the most outstanding one, with their fresh and tender crayfish and generous amount of crab meat! The crab meat were actually all scattered in the pasta but literally you still can taste the crab meat. The tomatoe based pasta was cooked perfectly so much so the sauce made me slurps!

This dish was actually spicy with black pepper in the menu? Couldnt remember however I requested it to be non-spicy tomatoe based. It did not disappoint me. =D

Will definitely go back again. With or without voucher. =D

We walked around for some shopping and I bought a shirt and 2 ties for dearies from Domanchi. Call it belated Xmas pressie if you want. =)  And yes member discount 10%. =D Lol. I’m starting to think that if I didnt receive any discount for any meals or shopping, I will get abit 心里不平衡. =P I mean, with all the credit card welcome promo vouchers or dining discounts, very seldom you dont get priveilges. Only a few ya-ya restaurants dont have it, like Mayim, Lai Lai and Watami. =P

He’s sick of plain colour shirts and has been searching for nice shirts like above. But it’s difficult because his hands are extraordinarily long so sometimes the sleeves are too short, despite the shirt does fit. Domanchi’s shirts has slightly longer sleeves for their largest size so it’s great. Always love his broad shoulders and long legs. =D~~~ Muahahahaha!

After the shopping, we settled at Anderson’s for some creations. I have vouchers again! Muahahahahaha! One for one creation(Puff creation, banana split and single fondue). Since the portions are so small, we had 4 instead. Max 2 free creations per voucher mah. =D Somehow, they only left 1 Puff creation so we shared that and each of us had single fondue.

The single fondue hor, was definitely as lonely as it sounds!

Review: Andersens’ Icecream

The puff was mediocre and the cream was very slimy and kinda tasteless. Coffeebean’s whipped cream tastes better ok! As for the single fondue, it’s worse. See the fruits so pathetic. My honeydew was tasteless and bland-looking. Their strawberries were not fresh at all, not to mention totally unappetizing with it’s bland colour. Lin said even the kiwi sucks. As much as the fruits were supposed to be dipped into the chocolate, I think they should at least taste like the normal fruits bah, with the minimum sweetness and not totally bland! Especially when the chocolate is not very sweet(which is good). I think only my banana tastes normal. And because the chocolate wasnt served in a burner, they solidified very quickly-sianx max. The wafer cone and ice-creams were good, especially my Rum & Raisin but the scoops were pathetically small. Hng! Even with the voucher, I feel it’s a rip off. I think we paid a total of $27 for 4 creations, which amounts to around $9 each. Without voucher, it will be $18. Wont be trying their creations again. But perhaps scoops of icecream still okay.

Hopefully they understand the most important part of a fondue is that the fruits must be fresh and with a minimum standard of taste to start with.

We loiterred for awhile before our partners came to fetch us home.

Meet up again soon!! I guess it will be March already. =P


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