Christmas 2010

Xmas was spent at Nex Mall with dearie!

It’s humongous and definitely so much bigger than Vivo. Lyn was right. We were really spoilt for choices for food. Interestingly, we saw a few new restaurants and cafes. =) The mall was crowded but was already better than expected. We were very lucky as we found a lot at the nearby multi-storey carpark. It was by chance that we reached there but thank god it wasnt a bad choice. =)

Review: Grandma’s Restaurant

This was a restaurant serving local delights but other than the claypot toufu, all the other dishes disappointed us. The prawns was very unfresh with a very bad smell. I had no choice but to call the manager. He didnt say much but merely ask us to order another dish. So we ordered chicken instead. However, it was probably over-fried so the outer skin was more tough than crispy. The flavour was actually not bad…but after chewing 2 pieces…dearie’s and my teeth were both very strained. Lol. So we didnt finish the dish. Looking at the prices and food standard, we’ll probably wont go back again.

Actually, only a few shops were new to me. Most of them are commonly found in neighbourhood or heartland malls. Hmm… after awhile, we were tired and looked for a place for some drinks and snacks.

Dearie and I really miss the custard pastries we had in Switzerland!! They were really the best we had. Not too sweet, soft and fluffy. However, still didnt manage to find nice custurd puffs in Singapore yet. Not even Swissbake make the cut. If Switzerland’s pastries score a 9, Swissbake probably score 2. However…since we’re tired and hungry…we just sat down in their cafe. Was surprised to know that they serve rosti with smoked salmon too! Love them! Unfortunately, the rosti was hard and unappetizing. Sigh. I remembered it was priced pretty steep and it made me kinda annoyed especially when the rosti sucks. I mean, you’ll think how bad can rosti go right? I suspect their rosti is the frozen type. And was merely heated up with some cheese in the oven. =P

On the way to carpark………….I saw a lovely walkway….and I forced dearie to take these pictures. Lol.

I’m a inspiring photographer okie! How? Got any “feel” or not? LOL. Realised how bulging his tummy was in the 3rd pic? Wahahahaha. I love him anyway. =)

It was a lovely Christmas spent with dearie. =D


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