Boxing Day 2010

We went KT & LX’s house to see their lovely twins together with the Uni gang!! 龙凤胎!!

Isnt it the best thing that can happen? 1 shot get both girlgirl and boyboy. Saves a total of 10months agony, saves 1 time of labour pain, hospitalisation, confinement etc. Lol. It might be tedious, very xiong1, as every thing have to multiply by 2, but you just have to endure for a 10years and you dont have to worry anymore when the kids are big! KT was lamenting, “close shop, close shop liao!” Hahaha. They’re not identical twins but both are equally charming!! BB Charlene is slighter older than Jayden by 5minutes. =D

Proud daddy in the middle. Haven got the chance to snap pic of the mummy. I guess we were all both too excited to take turn to carry the babies. Kekeke! Charlene’s eyelashes are so long! Super envy. =) I was super cui as I seldom woke up that early for lucheon. Eyes were so puffy and face was swollen, especially upper face! 水肿 =( Got a shock when I see the pics, cant recognise myself.  =(

Lately hor, I have difficulities breathing properly. I have to breathe very hard, as if air is thin. But no right? Weird.

Then when I breathe too hard, my chest will pain. =(  Dearie might be bringing me to Mt A later…might as well find out what’s wrong with me. As previously, I kept having tummy pain and diarhhoea after meals. Sigh………………



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