1st day of 2011!

Was supposed to meet up Gra and Ver for light drinks whom I haven seen for the longest time! Was it since my wedding? Wah!

It was a kinda impromtu meet and just after I said yes not long, dearie showed me a long longgggggggg face. He said lately I kept go out meet friends and mahjiong and havent been spending time with him. Especially when he’s working most of the time and dont have much free time too. He did say nevermind go ahead. But I thought aiya, since I also had quite alot of beer to drink the previous night, and the next day, Suan and Gra are also coming to my house to wine, I probably cant drink for straight 3 days. I will die!! So I called Gra and told her the whole story. I know they’re very understanding and we shall meet up soon again! Though, it’s reallyyyyyyyyy seldom that I put aeroplane. =P

Eventually went Orchard Watami to have dinner with dearie. His favorite is Watami and we queued more than 30minutes for a table. My stomach growled non-stop. =.=”” Thankfully, their food always maintained the standard. After the dinner, we rushed to Cine to watch movie. It’s always like that. Booked earlier slot, very rush. Booked too late, nothing to do. DUhz!

Movie title: The Ghosts must be crazy(鬼也笑)Ratings: 4.8/5

Comments: Watch it as a comedy and not as a horror will be better. Ultimately, I think 90% of the crowd watched it for laughs. It’s made up of 2 stories and sometimes I have to marvel at their way of directing(Mark Lee & Boris Boo). They’re actually very simple and common plots but they can make it so funny! No regrets for watching this show. Oh and of course, alot of hokkien as usual. This is actually much much better than the last Sg horror production, 吓到笑.

After the movie, we went Ballymoon for a short drink and snacks. It’s located at Orchard hotel, just opposite Harry’s bar near Orchard Tower. Has always love the deco and cushioned seats. Of course, the sexy and chio waitresses dont hurt. =) Seriously, they have the most gorgeous servers in Singapore. And they’re not the lian or PRC type okie? They’re fluent in English. Those in Hooters merely wore little but Ballymoon’s waitresses are mostly stunning! Okie, this will probably attract all the guys there. Haha.

It was a tad noisier than usual because of some boliao soccer fans. But usually, it’s pretty okie. The beers and wines are cheap. We usually had chardonnay priced at $11 each. Their fridays are martini’s night and they’re going at $10nett. Hmm….they’re having beer and wine promotions right now but I cant remember details. Actually I love their Snowball cocktail…but now they dont serve it anymore. Haiz…..why the things I like always disappear… Oh they served a variety of food too. I used to love their bacon-wrapped bratwurst, it was superb with their sauce. However please dont order their bratwurst sausage now! It sucks because they’re boiled without bacon! No garnish no nothing. And it costs like $12. Arrghhh! Their chicken wings were very nice too, albeit kinda spicy. But since their bratwurst has changed, I dont know whether their chicken wings are still the same. Sad leh. Dont know why nice dishes always change?! ChinaOne’s hot cheese fries were uber delicious too. But they changed it to cold cheese dip, like those normal Long John Silver. What a disappointment. Sigh.


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