Christmas Eve 2010

Wow! This few weeks had been a whirlwind of events! It’s no wonder I’m too busy to update this space of mine, nor remember the sequence of events. Hahaha! Hopefully I didnt get them wrong.

Christmas Eve

Afternoon was spent with my lovely colleagues. It was time to reveal who was whose angel and who was whose mortal! Few months ago, we started this game called Angel & Mortal. Everyone will be  someone’s angel as well as mortal. Angels were supposed to encourage and care for our mortals, by ways of dropping cards or little gifts into our individual Xmas baggie. We had 2 chances to guess our angel but alas, it’s so difficult as our agency is pretty big. So very few people got it right. I did, because my angel hinted me at the very last minute. So I escaped from the forfeit, which was potatoe chip/cake dribbling down the face. Lol.

And guess what, my angel was also my mortal!! And he is Remus! What a coincidence! Because few years ago, he was also my angel in this game. The whole event took more than 6hours since 12pm. Other than our potluck Xmas buffet luncheon, we also prepared Xmas gifts for our mortals. As everyone was both an angel and mortal, everyone got a gift as well. =D Oh a few lovely colleagues also gave dearie and me pressies. Thank you all!!

If you haven noticed, Oli’s card is handmade! So prettyyyyyy! =)

Adrian & I thank you all!!! =D


These pressies are for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ =D

Thank you all!! Pretty difficult to find a frame to fit all the pictures. Only had to place them as per their size, still pretty squeezy. Argghhhhhh~

I love all the gifts! =D Some were received after Xmas but I put them together. =)

Suan knows I love leopard prints and so, she got me a leopard prints scarf as well as HELEN’s purple leopard prints hairband. Haha. Irene got me serum for my dry, frizzy permed hair. =D And Cel know I love masking so Missha, TheFaceShop & 我的美丽日记 masks for me. =) Lovely orange mug from Remus. Yummy Almond Roca from Lin, and last but not least, Precious Moments Magnetic photo frame from Gra. I actually had a similar Xmas pressie before. Haha. Love love love! 

I’m really very very paiseh lah because we didnt prepare any Xmas pressies. =X Firstly, we dont really have that habit of preparing/giving Xmas pressies. Secondly, was realllllllllyyyyyyyyy too busy this Nov and Dec. =(

After the event, actually we were realllllyyyy very tired. But we had to eat anyway, so we went PS, Tea Cosy to have my favorite foie gras. =D Isnt it almost the perfect place to have a Xmas dinner? The cafe just oozed Xmas ambiance, albeit abit messy la. =P

Oh yes. I just suddenly learned that Photoscape can insert cuteeee and prettyyyy graphics like these! Ya lor stupid me, now then know. =P Okie, in future my pictures might have alot of these act-cute thingy. Haha! I’ve reviewed Tea Cosy many times so I shall skip this time. Their pan-seared foie gras and tomatoe & crabmeat bisque will always be my favorite. =D Dearie said his prawn aglio olio waas merely OK though.

After our dinner and some window shopping, dearie fetched me to Cel & Sean place for mahjiong with Ken and Jov. =P

When it was around 10seconds to midnight, all of us(mj players) called up our other halves to wish Merry Xmas and mouth sweet things. =D It was pretty funny as we totally threw all reservations away and started to…”Darling/honey/dear, Merry Xmas, I love you always. Smuacks smuacks! =D”

After that we resumed our mahjiong. Haha. Oh it was a lucky night as I won $170(I think). The most which I’ve ever won! Hope it lasts. Haha!


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