Wine Company @ Dempsey + Shanghai Dolly

We had planned this like eons ago. It’s not easy to get Kel due to her commitments. She had suggested Dempsey and well, I wasnt particularly in love with this place because it’s so inaccessible. But Jy and me went along with it because Kel haven been there before. Her notti colleagues laughed at her because of that. Haha. Very bad ley. =P

As expected, we got lost inside despite going there on a cab! I meant to find the lounge which Rain, Jas and me had spent the last enjoyable night out but we couldnt find it. I dont even remember it’s name. Arrghhhh. My 2nd choice was The Wine Company but we also cant find despite walking along uneven roads and slopes for more than 15minutes . Duhz! I only know these 2 places at Dempsey. Haha. Oh not that I always decide where to go among us, but usually they dont have much ideas where to go because they seldom drink/club outside. Except with me of course. Muahahahaha.

Okie Eventually we tried to look at the map(geez….) and had to flag a cab AGAIN to get to The Wine Company. Totally famished and tired upon reaching!

Ordered a mountain of food but yet cant finished. They were fantastic!!

From left to right; 

1) Sausage Platter ; A variety of sausages but no doubt my favourite will be the cheesy ones. Served with mustard. Yummy! Pretty big portion.

2) Wine Company Signature Pizza(w/ chicken mayo) ; Very big portion, definitely to be shared among 3. Drenched with mayonnaise and fish flakes. Thumbs up!

3) Smoked duck pasta ; Smoked duck was tougher than expected but was okie. Okie I shouldnt expect the same smoked duck as per the one I had in Dozo. However, still a nice but pretty normal dish.



If it werent for my precious darlings beside me, guess I cant even smile for pictures. Btw, this perm was before the re-perm, so the hair was longer…. The pic of 3 of us was self-taken by Kel, she li hai siah!! Actually there were a few more lah, but not well taken, seh one side. Haha Practice makes perfect!

Oh…I was so fascinated with the food that I forgot to take pic of the wine we savored… Well, being a foodie. Heez. We had a total of 2 bottles of white wine before Kel and I cried for red, to much of Jy’s annoyance. The chit was so particular with her teeth that she was reluctant to drink red wine, for fear of it staining her teeth. Aiya, then I told her, “Since you’re going to laser your teeth soon, you should drink all the red you can, THEN go laser teeth mah! Laser liao then cant drink for a long long time liao!” Eventually she gave in. Keke. Somehow, the red chosen was too strong and powerful…and we didnt manage to finish it. =(  I hate wasting alcohol. Haha.

After that we adjourned to Shanghai Dolly. Meant to show Kel how fun was it, just like how Jy and I enjoyed it the last time. But sadly, it disappointed US that very night. The music was so boring, house music all along. The band was not fantastic too. I had a surprise that night too, for someone nudged me and asked me whether I was from CCHSM.


It was my secondary school classmate but I totally cant recognize him. However, I recognized the pretty lady beside him. =) So funny. They were boyfriend and girlfriend then and I…stupidly exclaimed, “Oh you 2 are still together!” I’m happy for them of course!! You know how weak relationships are these days mah! You cant blame me for being surprised! However, she exclaimed a big “NONO” and said he’s married but not to her.

It made me so embarrassed that I also dont know what to say. Ah….then I asked why a group of them were out. Some are my classmates but some were from the neighbour’s class which I dont know. Turned out all of them attended another of my classmate’s wedding. =)

Eventually Kel, Jy and me shifted to another table because it’s so cramped there and we old ladies prefer to sit than stand huh. So also didnt talk much with them. I was still pretty melancholy that they can recognise me because I was hideous back then in high school.

Maybe I still am. Sianz.

And why I have to bump into them with my f* hair leh??!!! Can understand how I feel?

Bleh~ OF ALL DAYS!! DUhz!!


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