Mushy mushy

As much as how annoying I might sound on my very own blog,

I have to say, I feel so much happiness every night before I sleep because there is dearie to kiss me goodnight every night.

Just seeing his asleep or sleepy face mumbling sorry that he had to sleep already and goodnight just makes me feel like kissing him on the cheeks and tuck him to sleep. =) If he’s too “senseless” to give me my goodnight kiss whenever I’m home late, I will claim myself. Muahahahaha. Still, he will mumble “good night dear, love you” things like that. And then, “tud”, went back to sleep. Haha

Unlike myself, he can totally go back to sleep even when he’s being awaken. =P That’s why I dare to “disturb” him sometimes. =P

Some people question, “how come you so late go home, your hubby also dont mind?”

I will reply, “what’s there to mind when he knows in my heart there’s only him?”

Of course that’s pretty cheesy but the main reason is probably because there is trust.

He will message me before he goes to sleep when I’m out late with my dear girlies mostly(unless he dozed off) and I will always “report” where I am out of my own accord, just to put him at ease and assure him I’m..*ahem*..sober.

As much as how I’m showered with attention from others when I was younger, it’s just so different when someone you love like your hubby kisses you before you sleep and sleeps just beside you. The feeling is just so sweet…and blissful…

Okay~ Now I sounded damn gu-niang~


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