3 unhappy things today =(

1) After checking Co’s email. Sigh.
2) A friend blamed me for “shua3” him because he came down from Tampines to Jurong to wanna join us for mahjiong but we left, hence he made a wasted trip.

The thing is, not I jio him one leh. Is Iv who jio him. And I dont understand why? We already have more than 4 players. We had 5, just that 2 of them are couple so they take turns to play.

And I told that friend I’m going with my friend and she dont want to stay late, and if she leaves after 2 rounds, I also wont stay. However, I thought since Iv jio him, he will stay and continue to play. Iv + Couple + him = 4 legs mah.

But Iv didnt stay! He left for dragonfly and it’s not our fault!

In the first place, I didnt jio him.
In the second place, I also didnt promise I will play till late or wait until he come.

So why KP me?

3) My curls didnt last. Curls become waves instead. Kinda sad.


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