Dearie’s Birthday Eve 2010 Part II

After our lovely dinner………………..

Rapunzel it is!!

Ratings: 4.9/5

Omg~~ The animations were enchanting!! Lovely Rapunzel with her spun gold tresses, cheeky Eugene, endearing little Pascal and the white horse with attitude, Maximus. There’s not a single boring moment and guffaws were heard throughout the whole show! Love the development of the story too, punctuated with twists. Songs accompanied most scenes but doesnt leave me an impression though. Kinda reminded me of Enchanted, the movie, which has nicer songs.

After the movie, home sweet home.

Happy birthday darling. =)

While we’re at the topic of movies, here are some reviews of a few we caught recently:

Movie title: Next 3 days
Ratings: 2.5/5
Comments: Seriously…they should change the title to next 3 YEARS! It’s very heavy and draggy, and only gets more exciting towards the end. When the female lead tried to kill herself by opening her car door of the speeding car during the flee, Dearie and me cursed softly. I mean, if there’s a guy who can go through SO MUCH for me, just to get me out of jail and be together with me, the last thing I can do is to give my life up (when it’s not threatened at the moment) and break his heart! No matter whether there is success or not, at least it’s worth a try! Dearie and I both felt she really dont treasure her life much especially when she still has a young son.

Anyway, does such a good husband exists? Highly doubt so. =P

Movie title: Hello Stranger(Thai)
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: We laughed till we’re breathless. I have to take my hat off the director because actually the story focused on the only 2 leads of the story who spent their days in Korea, full stop, but he managed to add in different scenes to make it very hilarious, entertaining, touching and poignant. The ending took me by surprise though and I cant accept it! It’s the first time I stayed for few minutes after a show ended just so I can see whether there’s a change of ending. But no! The ending was really “like that”. I shant give any spoiler. It’s definitely worth to watch!

Movie title: Easy A
Ratings: 2.5/5
Comments: Really didnt expect the story to turn out like this. I like Emma Stone. She always struck me as a very diligent, versatile actresses who is not afraid of looking ugly on screen. However, the story lacks depth and punch and the exaggerating, lousy ending…I was like….”Huh, they merely anyhow tossed an ending like that and expect us to take it?” =.=”’ As if when you only speak the truth after SO LONG, people will believe? Please lah.


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