Dearie’s birthday 2010 Part II @ Park Regis

Continued………………..4th Dec 2010

As compensation, the manager volunteered to treat us a dinner at their restaurant which looks very inviting. Yes, very inviting restaurant but so sadly empty. Hence, actually we also werent very enthu. However, because we checked in so late at 5.30pm. And if we were to go Clarke Quay for dinner(as my planning), it means we only can rest 1+ hour before we need to get dressed and walked to Clarke Quay which was 10minutes away. When you’re tired and hungry, you just dont wish to walk too much. So, we relented and had the dinner at their restaurant downstairs which serves fusion cusine.

My initial planning was dinner at Indochine, Clarke quay, and was fully prepared to sneak out to TCC to smuggle a cake back to surprise him. Since it’s not possible now, I requested a cake from the manager and he said he’s unable to do it! I also asked if his staff can help me buy a cake and I could pay them back but it’s not possible too. Argghhh!! What’s a birthday without a cake?? But dearie said nevermind. Haiz………….


Restaurant at Park Regis

So nice but So empty


The menu was actually….pretty pathetic. Imagine only 3 main courses to choose from. =.= Beef Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon and Fish & Chips. Oh, we clarified with the waitress what does the “apology” dinner includes? Since the manager wasnt around. She said anything on the menu are included so long so they’re food. But we have to pay for own drinks.

Our order: Wild mushroom soup, Tiger prawn salad, Beer Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon, Tiramisu and 2 scoops of ice-cream (We shared the soup and salad, not greedy okie~)

SURPRISINGLY HOR, the dinner was fantastic!! Especially the tiger prawns caesar and my medium Tenderloin with mushroom sauce. Such a huge and thick slab too! I think it’s 250g or so! Tender and yummy! Even the sides like broccoli, braised carrots and wedges were delicious too! The tiramisu(too moist) and ice-cream(too sweet) did not impress though. Dearie said his salmon was also pretty good, however, it will be better if it can be firmer.


I asked dearie, if we can choose the outcome, would he prefer that we check in punctually or having this complimentary dinner? He chose the latter and I actually agree too! I dont know how much our dinner costs, however, it’s really having good food which matters and not whether it’s complimentary or not. Of course, it’s good to have lah. =) Only kinda remembered the tenderloin costs $38++.

Servers were attentive too, I mean, since we’re the only customers. Haha. When I requested for more mushroom sauce, it came hot too! However, their waitresses really pretty jialat. The elderly one, I got problems deciphering her English. The young Filipino one, was simply….I dont know how to say.

Me: She’s very “innocent” huh

Dearie: Innocent?? Is very blur lor!

Me: Cant you see I’m trying to be nice?

Dearie: Cant you see I’m trying to be nice too, else I’ll add a 4 letter word which starts with “c” behind the word “blur”.


When I ordered a Lychee Martini(S$16++) from her, she registered this super blank look and dont understand what I’m saying. I had to open the menu, searched for that particular item and pointed it out to her.

A very satisfying dinner. The chef said they will be extending their short menu soon, since their hotel and restaurant was still very new. FYI, Park Regis was only opened in mid Nov 2010.

Rest of the night was spent walking around Clarke Quay for digestion of food and buying a bottle of white wine from 7-11 to savour in room.

Wine opener and glasses given on request at as late as 1-2am. Not bad not bad.
And as compensation of the late check-in, we were allowed to check out at 3pm too. But our room dont come with breakfast. Hmm, maybe their restaurant not ready yet? I’m also not sure but their business were good. They ran full-house the previous day and we suspected they over-promised late check-outs, hence the failure to present rooms punctually the next day.


Next day 5th Dec 2010

Lunch at Cream Bistro, Pacific Plaza.

1 for 1 main course for Standard Chartered Cards




Although it says 1 for 1, but they dont allow 1 cod main course for another. =|

So I have to choose the salmon instead.

Dearie’s cod was very nice, crispy and fragrant as we love garlic!

However, my salmon got a very typical salmon fishy smell. Usually salmon have a tad of that smell, just that it’s heavy this time. Didnt manage to finish all of it.

Dont like the avocado milkshake but dearie was okay with it.

We love the cream of asparagus soup though. =)



Went window shopping for awhile before heading home.

Sweet mummy bought Dearie a cake. Great, just nice for compensating my bad. =P

No candles because birthday already over. =P

He very ban-dang one, you know? =P


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