Dearie’s birthday 2010 Part I @ Park Regis

Might as well be done with it(the blogging I mean)!

It’s supposed to be a surprise but I let the cat out of the bag because of 1 stupid silly little quarrel we had after our movie on his birthday eve.

It went something like;

1) He said something which annoyed me the first time. I let it go and laughed it off
2) After 10minutes, he said it the second time which finally got under my skin
3) He argued that it’s something very minor, so why get angry?
4) I then said if it’s that minor, why the need to mention twice?
5) Again, his(or rather guys’) typical style, he acted as if nothing happen and didnt apologise
6) I was waiting for it but it never came and my “fire” grew bigger.
7) In short, he felt he shouldnt need to apologise because it’s HIS BIRTHDAY! And I should 让一让他。

Woah! Birthday dai sai(cantonese=big shot) ah?

8) And of course I dont agree that you dont have apologise even if it’s your birthday loh.
9) Oh and he mentioned it’s a way of giving in when he initiated to talk to me. That does not equate an apology leh.
10) And I said I did tried to give in(on the account that his birthday) that I hinted him to say “sorry” so that I can let the matter rest in 3seconds.

He did took the cue and apologised grudgingly and gave me attitude and smelly face thereafter.

That irked me to the MAX and I sadly thought “To think I already went to such efforts to plan your birthday~ Dinner, movie and hotel stay at Park regis the next day etc~~” and then I started to tearrrrrr~ =( Then I sent him a message asking him to check in Park Regis himself the next day since it has already been charged to my card, dont waste it. And also, he will now prefer to spend the day without me.

Then he came into the room, apologized and we made up. =|

I said I realised he or rather guys dont apologise easily, as if it got something to do with pride. AS IF we ladies no pride? I ALWAYS apologise when I’m the wrong. Usually what he do is to initiate talking, that’s his way of giving in, his way of saying sorry.

I said that’s okay with me SO LONG SO in future I also wont apologise to him for any wrong I do. I will follow the same and “initiate talking” as a way of saying “sorry”. Be fair to me right?

“You okay with it? If so, deal, we’ll NEVER apologise to each other again. Just initiate talking signifies giving in will do.”

But he never take up the deal. Bleh~

Anywayyyyyyyy, once we made up, we forgot about everything. We’re not people who keep things inside heart or remembers, especially myself.


Next day~~ 4th Dec 2010

We woke up late and only reached Park Regis at 3.30pm when the check-in time was 2pm. Guess what? The room was not ready. Very annoyed. Left our bags there and walked to The Central, Watami to have lunch. When we’re back at 4.30pm. Guess what again? The room was STILL not ready.

Well, I thought another 15minutes or so, it should be ready.


We waited for another 1 HOUR before the room was ready!!!

CHECK-IN TIME = 5.30pm

You cant imagine how black my face was and you cant blame me! Half the day was gone~~~~~ The manager treated us to drinks at their lounge while waiting but what’s the use? We’re tired and wanted to rest!! I felt sOoo argghhhhh because it’s dearie’s birthday! He then tried to console me.


Nice room though!

Kudos to the interior designer! It was actually a very small room at 20sq m but it totally dont look small or cramped. In fact it looks very cosy and warm. Love the decor and colour combi too, green with dark wood. =) Huge TV! But not many channels. =.=”’

It’s a open-concept bathroom where there’re no doors to section the basin area, for fear of making the room look smaller. 2 frosted glass cubicles, 1 with toilet bowl and another for shower(Rain shower). They’re big enough. 1 bad point will be you will need to off the aircon when you’re bathing else it’s very cold when you came out of the cubicle to dry yourself. Else, you just have to dry yourself inside the cubicle, which wasnt really big.

Many many mirrors. And 1 thing I dont like and superstitious about was 1 piece of mirror actually captured the bottom part of our bed. It also means every time we looked at the mirror, we didnt see ourself but will see the walls of the room too.

Which is………….erm….I dont know how to say. I just know if *touch wood* I saw anything in the mirror which wasnt supposed to be there in the middle of the night, I will freak out BIG TIME!

So I tried to sleep in the direction where I dont have to face the mirror. It’s not my usual preferred side and it took me awhile to fall asleep.

After we check in, we rested around 2 hours before we went downstairs for our complimentary dinner.

To be continued………………..


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