Our Xmas tree!!

Pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyy Or not?

It’s our first Xmas(and first Xmas tree) in our new home! =D

I spent like 3 hours or more on it okay? No small feat. Especially it’s my 1st time doing up a Xmas tree! =D

Dearie asked me to wait for him to do together but I was simply too excited and started myself!! I also wish to surprise him lah. =)

If you look closely, this Xmas tree is unlike NORMAL trees wor!!! Each and every branch upon unwrapping spreads like a flower with snow dust on it. =D So far haven seen any Xmas trees that look quite as gorgeous as it! It’s around 5 feet tall. Bought it at $88 from a florist near Artbox at Jurong Point.

As for the decorations stuff and lightings, we bought them from NTUC because they’re cheaper. I also used some remaining wire gold/pink ribbons to make gigantic ribbons to hang on the tree. Only the gigantic golden star was bought from the shop where we bought the tree.

Total costs of tree = $150

For the effect, I think it’s pretty decent. =)

Oh Actually we’re also not experienced and we didnt bought enough decorations. Only managed to decorate around 3/4 of the tree. 1 Box of lightings wasnt really enough too. But heck, I was so deadbeat that I simply turned the tree so that the side of the undecorated portion face the wall.

Also cant see mah. =P

Seriously, the tree looks good even when it’s plain. =)

Actually the tree was already up slightly before Dec. And then I heard it’s actually not advisable to do up a Xmas Tree before Dec? Some superstitious thingy? Anyone heard before? Hmmm……..not Christians so not sure of it. Hopefully nothing bad. =P

Xmas is in the air!~!~!~


6 Responses to Our Xmas tree!!

  1. beatrice says:

    Hi, where can i buy this tree?

  2. beatrice says:

    do you think its still available? its really pretty =)

  3. Chilli Padi says:

    I dont know leh…haven been to Jurong Point lately. But I think so lah.
    Yeah it is pretty! Gonna recycle for the next century or so. Muahahaha!
    It’s slightly more expensive than normal trees in NTUC but I forgot how much.

  4. beatrice says:

    i went there today and bought the same exact one haha thanks for this post =)

  5. Chilli Padi says:

    Your welcome sweetie. =)

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