Dearie’s birthday eve 2010 Part I @ Dozo Restaurant

3rd December
Dearie’s birthday eve

The day started with a jacuzzi bath at Spa Elements, The Cathay, and followed by a massage.

We cant help but notice some differences from our last experience, which was also Dearie’s birthday.

They used to serve a jug of icy cold Ribena drink which was utterly refreshing.

This year, it was substituted with chinese tea. =.=”””””””’

And the worse thing was…………we noticed the edges of the tub had powder-like debris only towards the end of our soak. =( It was super dampening because it was grosssssssssss. I was very unhappy and demanded an explanation from the manager. She said perhaps the previous customer poured some aromatherapy thingy into the tub, thus some power-like debris stained the tub edges. And we just got to know they only change the water in the jacuzzi once everday no matter how many customers booked the jacuzzi that day!!

OMGGGGGGG~~ What they did is to dump 1 chlorine pill inside the tub to kill the germs. But still…………very gross lor. =(

To cut the story short, we werent charged with the credits(credits were charged for package users). And we went on with the massage. I had Shiatsu as I dont wish oil on my body after a bath while dearie had Swedish style.

Still, it was very relaxing after the massage. It did indeed loosen some knots in my back. After which, I told dearie to drive towards Valley Point Shopping Center for our planned dinner.

It was a pretty ulu place. Other than searching for the carpark, we actually walked 15minutes around the mini mall because we cant find any lift or stairs up to the 2nd floor! This is the time where you quit acting shy and smart and open your mouth to ask a damn stupid question, “Erm, how do I get to the 2nd storey?”

“Oh, please go OUT of the shopping center this way, turn right and go up a flight of stairs to the 2nd storey.”

Brillant! Which goon-du architect designed the mall this way huh? No wonder we cant find because there’s NO lift nor STAIRS inside the mall that can lead to 2nd storey.

Finally!! We reached, 30minutes late.

Dozo, it is.

Presented with the menu……

When opened……………

Pardon me, but it’s my first time reading a menu made of frosted gold, cold hard acrylic. Klass with a capital K, baby.

Other than the starter which cant be chosen, we made our choices as those marked by the star. =D Actually dearie only decide his main and prefers me to choose the others because ultimately I’m the one who researched this restaurant and knows what are their signature dishes. But of course, I’ve known him well enough to like what I picked. That’s the main reason why I chose this restaurant too.

You see, while I’m more of a fine dining person and a lover of french cuisine; Foie gras, escargots, lobster bisque etc(Ya, so typical Leo right), dearie is not that much into french stuff. He loves cod fish, scallops, and Asian delicacies like chilli crab, sambal stingray, chilli la-la, steamed fish in Teochew style etc. Not that I dont like them, I love them too. But when can I find yummy Asian dishes coupled with a flair of atas, romantic fine-dining leh? I mean, I cant bring him to Balestier market to eat on his birthday bah? He will probably kill me. Haha. Nahz, just kidding. =P

Hence, I searched high and low and this is the best I’ve come up with. Dozo serves fusion cuisine and suits us both perfectly. Codfish, scallops, beef broth for him while escargots, foie gras, crab bisque for me. Actually we love all on the menu, just in different degrees. =) Basically we love seafood lah.

Passport photo

Seriously, this expression for me, when I’m treating SUCH a nice dinner? Duhz!

We tried, or rather I tried to order all the signature dishes as recommended online but we settled on similar items for main course; Atlantic baked Cod and dessert; Chocolate Lava cake with Ice-cream. However, the starter for the day cant be chosen.

Interior of restaurant. Plush.

Apéritif served. Nice, little sour and refreshing.

Hur hur~ An apéritif did improved his disposition.

Starter – Advised to eat in the following order, center, right, left. =.=””

All were yummy! Wished the foie gras chunks can be bigger though. =P

Cold dish

Dearie’s king crab claw salad was so much ooomph!! Huge, juicy and simply fresh!! Topped with sweet mango, uber delicious. Smoked duck breast was very nice too. My first time, no doubt, the most tender duck breast I have ever eaten too.

See, he became so happy.

Hence concluded anything smoked is nice, like smoked salmon, smoked turkey breast/duck breast/ham etc. =) NOT SMOKING THOUGH. =P

Also ordered a glass of white wine at S$12++, pretty nice!

Side Dish

As much as I love cheese, I still prefer escargots to be cooked in their traditional french style in garlic and butter. It’s still a nice dish. Foie gras chawanmushi is a very unique dish. Amazingly, it really combines the taste of foie gras IN a chawanmushi! Nice. However, still very much prefer to eat foie gras AND chawanmushi separately as it is!

Yes, I forceeeeeed him to took a picture of me because he can never zi-dong and appreciate his wife. =P


Dearie commented his beef consommé tasted kinda weird and I agreed. Not very nice. My crab bisque cappuccino, as the name suggested, was super thick. Whilst the flavour was nice and rich, it will be perfect if it can be less “bubbly”(too much bubbles!) and not as thick. Feels like drinking a gravy instead of a soup. Still, it’s nice!

Main course

Baked Atlantic cod. Crisp on the outside and flaky in the inside. It’s very fresh and texture is great. However, it’s quite bland! We had to request for salt else it will be so wasteful of such a thick piece of fresh cod. Though they took 5minutes to present us with the salt, I’m very glad the salt was super fine and perfectly suitable to go with cooked food for consumption.

To date, best Atlantic cod is still from Fullerton, Forlino.


Yummy! Wish the lava cake can be bigger though! Crisp on the outside and absolutely warm and moist inside. Not much “lava” but will do, not too sweet. =)


Loved my Iced fruity refresher. Not overly sour and utterly refreshing. Dearie’s hot lavender tea is so-so.

See how contented he was?

So glad he liked the dinner. =D

Oh as a final review for Dozo, as much as business were flourising for them, their service was excellent and prompt. Nothing much to be fussy about. However, it’s certainly not very quiet inside the restaurant because waiters were bustling around and many inconsiderate people talking loudly. =( Kinda spoil any ambiance the lush restaurant might have given.
Perhaps weekdays might be better. =)

Guess where we headed next? =)

To be continued…………………..

5 Responses to Dearie’s birthday eve 2010 Part I @ Dozo Restaurant

  1. PasserBy says:

    HI, just a suggestion, would be nice if you put something next to the dishes so that we viewers can roughly estimate the portion sizes. The cod looks soooo tiny! haha. planning to go there soon, but now im afraid i will be leaving hungry. =(

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Ohhhh!! Good idea! But hmm, what can I put next to it without making the pic look weird leh? Haha. Any suggestions?

      Btw, my hubby and I were very full after the 7 course dinner! And we’re not small eaters. Maybe medium and above. The cod wasnt big in area but definitely very thick! So it wasnt as small as you think. Cold/Side dishes were also bigger in portions than what we’ve expected =)

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  3. Janis says:

    Hi Chilli Padi..

    May i know the price of the 7course meal?
    cos i wanna bring my bf there for his brithday celebration..

    Need your advice 🙂

    Or u have any nice place for recommend ??

    Thank and Regard

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hi Janis
      The 7 course meal is $59.80++ and yes, I do recommend it for a loved one’s birthday celebration. =) The down side is, the place is quite ulu and
      there’s nothing much to do at Valley Point after the dinner.

      Another nice place is The Wine Company at Sentosa Broadwalk(walk from Vivo). The place is not as packed as Dozo,
      has nice decor, ambiance and food. Best part, cheap wine. =) Oh, if you both are driving, it’s a good idea to dine and wine there
      then end with a movie at Vivo. No worries for drink and drive then. =)

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