10 facts about me~

You know, it’s all about me. Oh Ris…how I miss you so.


I’m perming my hair now!! So damn bored. Here are some facts about me, just to kill time.

1) I’m actually more of a cat person than dog lover.
2) I love fur, leopard prints, leather, lace, gold/chrome and metal studs
3) I have a smelly-but-sweet blanket with torn corners, which I “niap niap” all the time. Almost can’t sleep without it
4) I love curls more than sleek straight hair although frens commented I look better in the latter
5) 3 traits which I can’t stand in a guy; stingy, egoistic & talkative
6) I actually like doing housework sometimes….it gives a sense of satisfaction & burn my fats
7) I don’t like people continuing saying or asking the same things again and again over time
8) I mind P’s and Q’s very much. (a.k.a, I’m very particular with saying “please”, “thank you” and “sorry” too.)
9) I have a high 笑点 but low 哭点. (difficult to laugh but easy to cry)
10) People always see me as being confident and I am =), however, they’re shocked when I viewed myself as a normal girl with normal looks.

Haha so funny. Do I carry myself AS IF I think myself very pretty meh??

OMG. That is gross~ =P

I’m confident in myself but certainly not because I feel I have looks or anything. I’m just comfortable in my own skin, contented, happy and proud being myself and loves my life and people around me. =)

简简单单也能很快乐 =D

On the contrary, I know tons of girls who feels/thinks/knows they’re are gorgeous and felt they deserve much more than they have presently.


Seriously, they think all guys only have eyes and no other organs, e.g, brains?

*rOlls eyes*

Everyone had told them to treasure what they have and they’re already very fortunate but they continue to take people for granted and hurt people who love them(for god knows what reason?)….*ahem*…..who love them for who they are.

Okie. Perm done. I’m woefully afraid that the curls dont last because they dont look very curly! As expected, hair became even drier. Fully expected to look more mature with permed hair. But surprise! Dearie said surprisingly I looked younger with this perm, like secondary school girl instead of more mature! Maybe it’s the fringe.

Happy! But hor….really scared wash liao then no more curls liao. =(


2 Responses to 10 facts about me~

  1. efatrie says:

    wa i wanna c ur chio hair!! ;p

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    very dry like hay lor. Lol

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