That S word

You simply apologise when you’re in the wrong, no matter it’s your birthday or not.

That’s how I work~

A word of “sorry” means alot to me, of course, spoken in a sincere manner and not followed by a smelly face thereafter.

I dont understand why people nowadays are so stingy with “sorries”. ESPECIALLY GUYS. Yes “Sorries” shouldnt be taken for granted but it also shouldnt be neglected.

I seem to apologise all the time. Mostly, when I keep people waiting.

Whenever dearie came to fetch me, wherever I am, if we have a said timing, and if I’m late for as little as 5minutes, I apologise.

“Sorry to keep you waiting dear, you didnt wait very long hor?”

I tend to take more time if I’m having elaborate make-up and whenever dearie has to wait for me(since guys no need make-up), I apologise.

“Sorry dear, I took so long. We can go liao.”

Or when I forgot stuff I’m supposed to bring and had to go back to take etc.

“Sorry! I forgot to take your stuff out. And when I turned back to take, it made me late! Sorry!”

Sometimes I’m surprised why friends dont apologise when they’re late and kept people waiting. But guess I’m kinda used to it liao. NOT that it’s a BIG thing, but well, I still apologise when/if I’m late or when I admit I’m at fault.

It’s just how I’m being brought up. Used to it already.

As much as I get annoyed easily, if a sincere “sorry” is offered, I can forget the whole thing happen as all. =)

Of course, dont test my limits all the time.

We’ve made up of course. But kinda dampen the surprise which is SUPPOSED to be a surprise. Duhz!

It was still a very happy day spent and he liked what I planned for him. Update more soon~


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