I love being real toOoooooo *Updated*

Busy as a bee. Mainly because today(now) is dearie’s birthday eve and I’m celebrating the eve as well as actual day with him. =D Spent some time(and lots of money. =X) planning and hope he like what I plan for him la. Which is actually also not alot of things. Stay tuned for his birthday post then. =)

Met up with Lin just now and we had a hell of a discussion. Mainly we’re kpkb with some frustrations in our lives. =P But okok lah, small things. I complain complain awhile okie liao. Thanks for hearing me losoh. *paiseh*

Got 2 items from her blogshop, ilovebeingreal. =D

Totally love their layout. It’s super refreshing, vibrant and cheerful~ And totally generous number of pictures as to side/front/back view as well as super close-up views!

Dont know why my pictures turn out blur on wordpress. Visit ilovebeingreal better, for brighter, sharper pictures.

And I love the 2 items below because of the very comfy material and most important of all, they’re TRUE TO PIC! I got exactly what I expected and perceived. Thumbs up!

Vanity Corner Chiffon Romper

The prints are super kawaii and unique! Perhaps I haven mention before but I dislike having ordinary and common items. I love simple yet UNIQUE items. =) And lately I have this obsession with rompers. HAHA!

2nd item~

Navy Cotton Jacket

Oh, this came up to be abit shorter than I’ve expected. I usually prefer jackets or rather trench-coat styles, which reach my upper thigh(as on the model) because it can hide the fact that I have a short torso. HAHA! Hmm…..dont have the habit of checking out dimensions and length, my fault my fault. Still, love the functional pockets and conventionality of the versatile jacket. =)

This is not my first time buying from ilovebeingreal. My first purchase was;

Love it too! Because not only it is true to pic, it’s very flattering as well, make me look very slim, and with slim arms. HAHA! Though it’s actually a short dress, falls well above my knees! Must be careful not to run light. Hmm…just realised clothings on the pretty model Vivian are shorter on me. And I thought my torso is short? Hmm…….weird. She looks(and I suspect she is) taller than me ley~

If you would like to make purchase, simply leave a comment at their entry:
Name | Email | Item/Color | Discount Code (if any) | Referral (if any)

Comments will be screened for privacy (email not shown)
And they will get back to you by email, asap : )

What’s more, they have RealPoints system!! Which makes it worthwhile to order more and always. =)

Add yourself to their mailing list at ilovebeingreal@gmail.com
or simply leave a comment to enjoy;

♥ launch date alerts 2 days before launch
♥ 15 mins exclusive preview before launch
♥ free normal postage
♥ exclusive promotions coming your way

Enjoy double points for the Christmas Festive Season too!! Almost the best excuse to shop. Haha!


On the other hand, was SUPER disappointed with Fur*******.
I ordered a brown tube top, somehow, a black version DRESS was mailed to me! =.= I’ve emailed them about the error. If they’re going to tell me the one in the pic is a black one, I will just cough blood. If that’s the case, totally not true to pic! Somemore there’s another picture of the black version above it. So it couldnt be the same black top/dress right?

Obviously I wanted the brown.

You see. Only this 2 pictures. Not very clear too. Plus there are NO other descriptions of the colours available nor state it’s a top or a dress. It looks more like a top isnt it? DUhz. I simply ordered by code in the website.

So now you know how important is “true-to-pic”!


Fion Lim
to Fur*******

show details 3:10 AM (11 hours ago)

I want the item http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_CyJ-inRNJVk/TFkP1PHKiBI/AAAAAAAABDY/-QfQWbpeg2Q/s1600/4.49-a.jpg
which is brown in colour but a black one was being delivered to me.

I hope you dont tell me the one in the picture is actually black?


to me
2:05 PM (15 minutes ago)

Hi dear,

First of all,we could like to apologies for any inconvenience caused.
The dress is in black color.
Colors shown in the pictures may not correspond 100% to those in the items themselves due to differences in monitor setting as we have stated in our blog.
Sorry once again and we sincerely seek for you understanding.
Thank you.


My reply to them

But the top and bottom picture looks totally different in colours.
When you never state which colours are available NOR state whether it’s a top or dress AT ALL,
people will naturally think there are 2 colours available since they look so different!
If this is your service to a first time customer then I’m terribly disappointed.
And I didnt ask for a refund at all, I was sincerely hoping for a credit with you so that I can buy
other stuff with you in future. But sadly, your attitude is poor and service is irresponsible.
S$12 to see through a blogshop ethics is still considered cheap.

Definitely the first and last time I’m buying~

And you think your business is good. Perhaps it is, but with your current attitude, it’s hard to go far.
And bad news do travel~

– Show quoted text –

Yes. I’m so mean. =P Heck, spending $12 on nothing. If I know better, will rather donate them away. Another piece of frock taking space in my bulging wardrobe.


Show-offing my gifts from Lin from Bangkok. =DDD Dont jealous okieeeee~

A pouch! So cuteeeee!!

Cutie cake zipper knob!

Behind different design!

For me to mum-mum! =D

Thank you Sweetie!! I love them! =D

I’m soOoo into Xmas mood already!!! =DDDDD

2 Responses to I love being real toOoooooo *Updated*

  1. efatrie says:

    oh ya btw.. think next time can clarify with the blogshop u r buying if there’s no description.. cos i kiasu one ;p but $12 is considered cheap also.. prob they r cutting dwn on expenses so they can offer savings to customers : )

    dunch angry!

  2. Fion says:

    not angry la. Just super annoyed at the spur of moment.
    Forgot about it liao. =)
    Ashamed? Muahahaha. ZzzZzz No prob lah girl. But..dont understand why pictures turn out blur. =(

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