1st time to………..Shanghai Dolly!

And Joy & me love it!!

I believe it will be our new clubbing ground, NOT that we always go clubbing though.

Due to our own different commitments, actually we dont meet up very often. But whenever we meet, we always have loads to catch up and not to mention, have loads of fun!

As usual, Joy and me hanged around BQ area for beer as warm up and catching up, as it’s more conducive for chatting. Also, the free ktv dont hurt. =P And usually, after few jugs of beer, Joy will want to change venue, mostly to club. Haha. We were actually both pretty sian of the usuals….like St James etc. Frankly speaking, our favourite still remained as the old Madam Wong. But it had already closed down. The old double-o was not too bad until the crowd got younger and younger. Joy detests young crowd. Hahaha. She finds them(the young dandies) not very…appealing! Lol.

And I suddenly thought of Shanghai Dolly which is located at Clarke Quay. I saw it before when I took cab from Clarke Quay before but has never went in. So I asked Joy whether wanna give it a try and she said go ahead. Surprisingly, there was no cover charge on a PH eve and we simply strode in.

Once inside, we simply love the disco music which they were playing. =D One look around, we saw mixture of different age groups. I’m not that particular with the crowd(unless they come ka-jiao me) because I love dancing to the music more. So music’s more important to me. But I’m relieved that the crowd were mostly not very young, which is more of Joy’s preference. 😛

So I told her, “You always complained crowd too young. Now here many aunties and uncles, you happy liao la?”

Then she “Yayaya!” Lol.

I dont really care lah but I added, “Good also lah, among the aunties, we’re considered young. Muahahahahaha!” and she agreed. Lol.

So we stayed and ordered a jug of beer. Holy shit, coming S$50 for 1 jug of tiger. No difference from having a cover charge. Oh well, at least it’s fun. Every 1 hour interval(I think), there were band performance. Something like dragonfly’s style. But their songs were more ancient. Lol. I kinda enjoyed them. Haha. *paiseh* Well, I’m semi-ancient, can or not?! =P I like the band too! I think the guitar/drum/keyboard players all played very well.

I think many people were inside because of the free entry but few bought drinks. Hence, we’re even able to get a table with a mere jug of tiger. Lol. Made some new friends and shifted to an even bigger table with sofa seats. The girls were pretty friendly and not snobbish at all. It’s really a pleasant surprise, considering…considering most girls are not friendly with strangers bought to their table in a club. Haha. I talked to one and her name is Tiffany. When I asked about her age, I almost fainted.


So “fresh”. I mean, YOUNG, was the first thought that came to mind.

When Tiff saw my exaggerated action of flopping back into the cushions, she promptly asked for our ages which…….of course I’m not willing to say lah! Embarrassing k?!

However, I whispered to Joy, “Oei, she’s 22 you know.”

Joy’s expression was like “Wtf?” HAHAHA

Anyway, I asked Tiff, “Eh….are you the youngest in the group or you’re all the same age?”

“Oh…..She’s(pointing to another girl) 1 year older than me, 23. ”


“Then that guy is the OLDEST. 24 years old.”


Me: “Erm, okie.”

Joy and me were feeling pretty ridiculous because there’s so many people closer to our age in the club and yet we still end up in a group which was SO MUCH younger than us. MeH~!

Anyway, the young chit kept pressed for our age and when we finally told her, she said things like, “Oh really dont look like…bla bla” those kinda things.

She should have seen me in broad daylight and without makeup manz. Bah~

Drinks were plentiful but we were real full so we didnt drink much with them too. Before we knew it, it was already 4am! Oh my god!

Great times flies fast!

Alright, here’s a galore of pictures. Of course they’re from my Lumix LX5.

I love my camera!! No more dark, blur and grainy pictures please! =D

Again, slideshow lah huh~ =P Hover on pics for captions.

Joy has so many coolz(hip hop style) and cute expressions! =)

I’m so freaking tired.

(Applied “off” days from blog for 1 week. =P)


3 Responses to 1st time to………..Shanghai Dolly!

  1. efatrie says:

    u r young!! oh i mean we… *sheepish smile* lol

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Lol. You look young!

    Me…..oooook lah. =P

  3. Zane says:

    I have to agree the place is not bad , but only thing that spoil it , are the bouncers , they seriously gona work on their attitudes 😦

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