Ah Lin Pre-birthday post

It was so impromptu! KS sms-ed saying wanna give Ah lin a surprise the next day. However I cant make it for the next few days but I said I’m available that very night. So 择日不如撞日! It was that night where we met up for a SURPRISE dinner buffet in Ah Lin’s honour! Dearie couldnt make it though. When Ah Lin saw Elaine and me, she was a little surprise only because she kinda expected something was up KS’s sleeves. Haha. But very wu xim ah!! =)

Took many pictures of the very very pretty birthday girl and I merely picked some nice(and sharp!) ones to load in slide.com. Took me more than an hour to load them all up, around 38 pictures I think. Slideshow it is! =P

Our buffet was at UE Square, Shin Minori and as I’ve captioned, it’s not really worth mentioning if you’re going for the food. Still, we had alot of fun as it’s the company that matters. Wah, I realised KS is super good at making expressions leh! Very sayang that he’s not an actor. Hahaha. It’s my first time meeting Elaine and it’s very nice to meet this 美女. =D

I was actually still pretty sick that day so my eyes were like only half opened. KS apologised for dragging me out. It’s no prob lah! I’m okie, just that I’m not my usual cheerful and talkative self because wasnt feeling very well. Paiseh huh. =P

Because it was so impromptu, I dont have time to wrap up the pressie for Ah Lin(paiseh!) but HENG I had already bought her pressie in advance. =) Elaine’s gift is so pretty and adorable. Inside the beautiful HUGE box, she got Lin a Doraemon massager(operated by battery) which KS looked so ready to usurp it already. Haha!

Happy 2Xth birthday Kawaii Lin!!

I wish you all the best in your career, love life & stay cheerful and pretty always!!!

(P/S Lin, too many pictures! How to transfer you ah??)


2 Responses to Ah Lin Pre-birthday post

  1. efatrie says:

    ehh suddenly as i read ur blog post i feel so touched LOL.

    thanks for the present n coming for dinner that day!!! i think i bery lao ya, mine camera very little pics oni ;p

    no worries la, cos i thought you would upload to FB then i can save from there..

    maybe next time i visit ur house with a thumbdrive ;p

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hahaha. =)

      Oh I seldom upload bulk pictures to facebook because they always hang and jam.

      Very lazy and real busy with work lately. Nov and Dec are my busiest months.

      I’ll upload when I have more time okie? By the way, I’m darn ugly in one picture with you. :~( So I didnt upload that into the sildeshow. You too pretty liao lah you. =P My pizza face, cannot make it! But I got upload all your pretty pics. =D

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