I love Pressies!!

I’m deadbeat!!

Last week, met up with Gra. The pretty princess had just came back from…Hongkong, yup! Eh really, all my friends are flying EVERYWHERE that I lost of track of who and who, when and when, went where and where. =P Lin also just back from Bangkok. Not long ago, Rain also back from Europe. Ya! It’s only me who’s always stuck in boring Sg. =( Humph! But I’m going Tokyo next year!! Before April. Great! =D

I didnt actually planned to meet up with Gra but I was at Clementi seeing my family doctor as I was sick. And because he’s such a great doctor, I always have to wait up to 45minutes for my turn. I tried seeing other doctors but I hate it. Not only are their charges more expensive, I ended up being miserable and didnt recover at all. So I always stick to the famous Dr Tan from Jurong Dispensary located in Clementi. It’s my habit to register for my number first and then go and take my lunch or loitter around to buy time.

Clementi Hawker centre has re-opened. Definitely cooler, cleaner and bigger. I didnt notice whether the prices has gone up alot or not because aiya, hawker, also wont expensive till where lah. After my dinner, realizing I still have alot of time left(before my turn), I went to queue at KOI. It’s NEVER my passion to queue standing up for bubble tea but dont know why that day I had a craving for KOI’s tea. I thought I can buy 1 more cup for Gra who was staying at Clementi too since she loves KOI bubble tea.

And so I trotted to the end of the long long queue which comprised of mainly students.

What is it that students eat nowadays that make them SO TALL huh?? Wah lao. All of them were like at least 1.65m AND ABOVE and I’m like a gin na amidst all the students. (=.=)”’ Not helping especially when I’m in my flats, spag top with shorts with no makeup loh. I was just about to start thinking what should I have for myself when an uncle right in front suddenly turned 180degrees behind to look at my direction, pointing a finger enthusiastically. Dont know for what? He got all of us(the crowd which he pointed at) curious and started staring at one other.

It became so comical when I stared at the tall tall female students behind me with them staring back at me in the same odd manner. Finally they pointed at themselves, silently asking the uncle was he referring to them. When he started to shake his head and continued to point at us, I started to………..point 1 finger at myself disbelievingly, inquiring.

He started to nod his head vigorously and signaled me to come forward.


But I dont know him leh.

Anyway, I just gong gong went forward…thinking hopefully the students will still allow me to go back to queue at my original position after the uncle finished whatever he wanted to tell me that is.

Who knows, the uncle said, “I dont want to buy liao. You take my place okie? Dont waste it.” with a smile, and motioned me forward to take his place, without lifting a finger on me.

I was like, “Errrrrrrrrrrrr…………then thanks hor!”

He smiled and left.

Wah! It was like the most amazing thing which happened to me this year(ya, my life so boring. =P)

There was just another ONE guy infront, before it’s my turn. And guess what, the guy infront turned behind, and said, “You can go first.”

I croaked, “Wh-aa–t? Why???” Auntie my age cannot take too many surprises in a short span of 5minutes.

Then he waved his handphone and said his friend haven decide what to drink, so I can go first.

Ohhh…….I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked him. At least I felt better. Though I was still pretty embarrassed for being infront of the queue just like that. But what’s done was done lor.

When it’s my turn, I “recited” my order of Gra’s drink as I know she drinks Oolong tea. When it’s time to order mine, I blanked out.

“I want………I want………..I want…………..I want…………..shit!”

I cant decide what to drink! Because I did not have any time to think before I was “teleport” to the front of the queue!

The young cashier giggled, obvious with my confusion at choosing the drinks. She was very kind, she did not look impatient nor pushed me for an answer. Anyway, I anyhow blabbed Passion fruit red tea with my usual 50% sugar level and got off the queue. Promptly called Gra and told her I will be dropping by to pass her her favorite KOI tea(I knew she’s at home) but she insisted on coming out as she did not want me to walk so far to her house. Aiya, it was okie lah since I had so much time on hand.

I got my queue number and waited around for my drinks to be ready. Either I’m too sensitive or what, I kept feeling that eyes on me. (=.=)”’ So I hid behind a pillar and only popped out when my number was beeped.

We met up at MOS burger.

My passion fruit red tea with 50% sugar was a wrong choice. Sigh. I’m so sure if I finished the whole cup I will kanna diabetes. So I merely drank 20% of it. =( But I’m glad Gra enjoyed her Oolong tea. =)

The lovely chit bought me some pressies from Hongkong!! Guess what are they? Hee!

Kawaii bracelet!!!

I simply LOVE it!!

My wrist is very small so most of the time, it’s very difficult for me to buy bracelets or bangles. But this one fits me perfectly! Most probably because Hongkong-ers are skinny. =P

Majolica Majorca Palette!

Pretty pretty!

Haven try them but I think it’s lip gloss cum eye shadow palette. Haha.

Thanks sweetie!!

After that, dearie came to find me and I accompanied him to eat while Gra went home. =)

Had a lovely time meeting her. =D


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