2nd year anniversary – Part 2

I didnt expect any anniversary pressies because we dont have anything we really want. Really nothinggggg to buy. But dearie still managed to surprise me with a very sweet gift. It doesnt cost much but makes me very happy. Guess what it is?? =D

Kevin’s Perfect Beauty Guide!

Kevin’s make-up magic book!!

My friends will know I love makeup and love to read about them. I saw these 2 books(packaged together) at Popular bookstore before but it costs around $28? Somemore I’m unable to browse it as it’s sealed up, hence I cant determine whether it’s worthy to buy. Hence I didnt buy, but actually I’m pretty interested in the book one lah. =D

And I’m super surprised why dearie knows why I like that! I mean, I picked books and mags up to browse all the time, but somehow he knew these 2 books are different to me. Wow! The feeling of getting a pressie, which you love but dont bear to buy in a surprise is so damn shiok!! Even though they dont cost much. I mean, dearie always buy me pressies for occasions but they’re almost always with my very obvious hints or direct help. ZzzZzz

This is really very unexpected and very sweet. =D

And I told dearie, “hmm…but I thought you’re always very insensitive and “blind” one leh…how come you know?”

He said, “aiya….of course “secret weapon” cannot always use one mah….arbo in future how?”

=.= So cunning.

Sinking into the pillows and bed, amidst the fluffy quilt, it’s heavenly. And guess what we saw?

Pillow menu!!

Wu xim leh!

The choices!

The most interesting one would be the lavender-filled pilow and jasmine green tea pillows!

Haha! However we didnt request for any, because the current ones were already very comfy! And lazy to request lah. Already very paiseh borrow forks, spoons, plates, wine opener, wine glasses liao. =P

Next morning

Bath salt for relaxing bubble bath for bath tub!

Breakfast!! Love it!!

Breakfast, I usually dont have much appetite, nor do I eat much. But I really cant reject….

Smoked salmon!!! So smoked salmon salad it is!! =D
Of course still got other food also very nice. =)

My own pot of tea. I really like it when I can refill myself without limit. Haha.

My dear hubby, although you kept apologizing you never really plan anything, you have made it perfect just by booking the room, buying crabbies for dinner, giving me my pressie, paying all my bugis buys and giving me a wonderful time with your presence!!

Love you lots and to many loving and happy anniversaries ever after!!! Smuacks!!!


One Response to 2nd year anniversary – Part 2

  1. Huey says:

    Woa your hubby So wu xim to plan your anni celebration, *envy* 🙂 how I wish my wood block can do something haha.

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