Jumbled thoughts and KOI!

Our 2nd year anniversary had just passed on 2nd Nov! Congratulate me? Oh Sang Q Sang Q! We had a lovely day? Of courseeeeeeeeeeee! But I’m really too busy to update the pictures right now. Oh I have so much to say and update.

I love my new camera Lumix LX5! It takes awesome pictures but I haven really tweak it out yet. Hmm haven realise it’s full potential. The stupid manual says nothing at all! Oh And I bought it at TK photo technic and the after-sales service suckssssssss BIG TIME. After I reached home then realise the charger pact is missing. You know, the “container” where you put the battery to charge? Initially I thought it doesnt come with it and thought the sync cable is used to charge it instead. Ya stupid me, but how I know?? Dearie’s NIKON camera is being charged this way de mah! Though not by the sync cable but by another type of cable lah.

So so I called back and KP the uncle Richard who sold me the camera and asked is my camera new or not, how can the charger pact be missing??!! He hor, didnt even apologise and just ask me to go down collect. Arrghhhh so I have no choice to go all the way down and HE have the CHEEK to say that he’s being very nice to TRUST that I didnt lie to get a charger pact. *clench fists*. They’re at fault and still can commend themselves as “very nice”. Why would I try to cheat a charger pact??? Like how much it’s worth?? Considering I spent $680 for the camera. 真是气死我了!!

Of course it will be my first and last time buying from them! If not for the very limited white model of LUMIX LX5, I probably wont even visit them in the first place. But I didnt expect the BEFORE and AFTER sales attitude and service is 720degrees difference!

*calm myself down*

Oh Dearie and I had a lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2nd year anniversary, like I said. Erm ya, will probably blog later…or on Sunday.

2 of my dear friends are overseas! One is in HK and the other in Bali. OhhHhh I envy them so much!!! I also want to go!!!

And I’ve finally tried KOI! The first time when I saw the Q, I’m like…….=.=””’

And of course I didnt Q lah, dearie wasnt very patient to start with also.

But finally I tried them! Because when I was meeting Gra and Suan at Clementi, they wanted to buy so I Q with them, and naturally bought it. Had the icecream red tea and it was very very nice!!! Chose 50% sugar level and it was just nice, especially when I dont like too sweet stuff. Almost had a brain damage just trying to decide what kinda tea, sugar level, quantity of pearls etc.

You see, because I never try before mah. But I was fixed on Ice-cream tea because it is something new, like the other bubble tea shops dont have.

Okie. But Ice-cream tea hor, also got few types OK.

1) Ice cream red tea
2) Ice cream green tea
3) Ice cream green tea

I’m really getting more and more decisive with age catching up. So I think think think very long, then finally decided on 1)

Then comes the sugar level. Again, because it’s my FIRST time mah. Being very fussy, I was worried if it was too sweet or not sweet enough, then all my efforts in Q-ing will be ruined!

So I consulted Gra who is a seasoned KOI drinker who patronizes KOI and Q as often and long as she likes. =P

She said she usually take 25% sugar level because she dont like too sweet stuff. So of course I said, “Oh me too! I’ll follow you!”

Erm, then she started to say things like…”but most people prefer it 50%, very very few people will like 25%,” and if I didnt remember wrongly, she also mentioned “usually young people like it sweeter bla bla”.

But I’m not young! =X

So I was still bent on taking 25% despite she encouraging me to take 50% because she feel she’s the weird one and I’m somewhat normal. Until, she said 1 sentence, “I drink tea without adding sugar one leh.”

Then I……”!!!!!!!!!” Okok, I change to 50%!

Okie and when I thought all is settled hor, Gra asked me whether I want lesser pearls because they give ALOT of pearls, like 1/4 cup, which kinda means the tea is lesser. Sigh.

So I think………….okie…I will choose to have less pearls instead.

Then, ……….it’s time to decide dearie’s drink. *faint*

He wants hazelnut. Okie. “What sugar level you want?” I asked
“Dont know. You decide for me loh.”

*faints again*

So so so, since I’m having 50% for myself, naturally I’m choosing 50% for him, he also dont like very sweet stuff.

But Gra said, “but will hazelnut be very sweet? Because hazelnut is sweet by nature.”

*triple faint*

Eventually chose 50% for him lah, and I was reciting the order word by word very seriously like a damn nerd at the counter because I was so afraid of ordering wrong or ordering too long.

Ice-cream RED tea
Small size
Less pearls
50% sugar

Hazelnut MILK tea
Small size
Less pearls
50% sugar

Hold up the Q very paiseh mah. When I finally finished my order, I heaved a sign of relief and wiped off invisible sweat until the cashier girl, Suan and Gra all burst out laughing. (=.=)”’

Think half my brain cells were killed. =/

Alright, but I have to say. KOI’s tea is really refreshing and I really like the sweetness level because I find others really too sweet for me. But the Q is really dampening. Damm…..feel like drinking it now.

Oh and I recently have an impulse to perm my hair! Dont know why the impulse suddenly came, perhaps it’s because my hair has became real long. I dont know how to describe the length accurately but let’s just say it can entirely cover my breasts if I’m naked. Muahahahaha. I cant really say it’s chest length because my torso is terribly, abnormally short!

Just how short?

One day, Suan, Gra and Kat came over my house after our dinner and shopping and Suan was saying her friend’s legs are longer than hers despite them having the same height because the jeans that she gave her are slightly longer. Then I commented that I have short legs and an even shorter torso. To illustrate my point, I put my index finger to beneath my bra and my thumb to my belly button and measured a 2inches length. Or at most 2.5inches bah. Gra and Suan were soOoo curious by it, or rather, SHOCKED, until they started to stand up uncontrollably to see where their belly buttons were at in comparison to mine, and also started to measure the length beneath their breasts to their belly button. (=.=)””

And weird enough, while they were at leasttttt 5cm taller than me, my belly button is higher than theirs when we stood belly facing belly on ground bare-feeted. And of course, their measured length were like double or more of mine. The AWE in their eyes was…….sigh……………

Of course my whole torso is MORE than 2 inches lah, but I always feel my torso is super improportionate because it’s like almost right below my breasts it’s my belly button. It’s most irritating when I sit down, because to me, it’s like 胸部下来就是屁股, machaim no waist like that. And things are worse when my upper body is obviously wider than my lower body. Broad shoulders, short torso, fleshy arms with slim hips, fat thighs and slim calves. WHY??!!! Why am I such an odd shape? =~(


And I would love a perm like that!!!

Currently trying to contact the owner of this gorgeous lovely perm and hope she is nice enough to share with me.

I sound like a siao char bor in this post right with so many inter-changing jumbled thoughts! Recently I’m like that and I cant seem to concentrate on 1 thing. There’re simply too many things on my mind. I can walk into a room and forgot what I want to do. I can open the kitchen cabinet but forgot what I want to take.

It’s so scary. So worried I got severe dementia!

Unknowingly wrote suchhhhhhh a long entry. Bye!

2 Responses to Jumbled thoughts and KOI!

  1. efatrie says:

    maybe nt short torso la. maybe cos u r well endowed in u know u know ;p

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    *blink blink*

    No lah!! Where got.

    I have to make sure they dont sag then I very happy liao.


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