I’m so lazy. Gonna jam few outings into 1 post again. Muahahaha. Nahz, not as if many people are reading. Merely for my own “recording” else what’s life without memories?

It was a friday out with Rain again, together with Pearl. Dearie was always teasing me, so this coming fri or sat meeting your dear Rain? Oh yes, I’m like so used to meeting her every weekend for a drink until it’s weird if I dont! Haha. Actually we’re usually out on Sat because we can have a longer night when Rain wasnt too tired after her work. But this time round, it was Pearl who jio Rain to club, who in turn jio me. Pearl is more of a clubbing person while Rain and me are more of pubbing. We both promised we can only club after enough booze.

And so, we ended up at “that bar” again. It was seriously crowded everytime we go so I guess there’s no need to promote it excessively. So, as usual, we ordered towers and drank ourselves silly. I’m really really not used to Pearl who dont drink at all, despite her looking every inch a pro drinker. So much so, we cant even play games with her because we cant think of a penalty for her! We enjoyed ourselves alot until Pearl got hungry. Instead of ordering, she said she’s going tout to tabao some food back to the bar.

I almost doubted my eye sight when she strode back and revealed what she bought.


Wah lau eh!!

Damn mouth watering lor.

Looking at her eager face just made me feel like laughing. But her enthu face mirrored a disappointed and troubled expression when she voiced, “How am I going to contain the curry?”, holding up a big, plump juicy pack.

“No problem!” I cooed.

I strode back with a rock glass and put on the table.

“There you are!”

And she poured the curry into the glass and began to munch her prata happily. Yes Rain, it’s me who came up with this absurd idea! Hahaha. Rain even blogged, “Okie, if you ever drank from a glass which reeked of curry flavour, it’s the same glass.” Muahahaha!

Somehow, Rain got alittle emo and finally Pearl relented by drinking to cheer her up. And when she did, she threw out all her prata. Poor thing. Soon, she surrendered and said she had to leave. =(

1 happy thing was we saw Kelis which Rain and me havent saw in ages. Since my wedding! However, I had little to talk as I “cannot-make-it” liao. Simply wasnt very sober for any conversation. =( Rain too, as she happily fled. I really cant recall how and when she left actually. =X I only managed to stay awhile…and soon I surrendered too. After bidding Kelis good-bye, I walked to the spot where dearie was waiting for me to send me home.

I got damn “hot” when I realised I cant find him. And while waiting for him alone, I was constantly pestered by bo-liao people. That was like adding oil to fire and I snapped like a rubberband after I finally found dearie. Arghh!! It’s no fun waiting alone especially when I’m not sober.

Lesson learnt. Pre-set a meeting point for pick-up(if any) before you drink.

Oh I dont have pictures of this outing but I had 2 from our past outing which Rain tagged me in facebook. Haha.

With sexy babe Pearl

With the 2 gorgeous babes

Wow, didnt realise I lo-soh so much. Shall blog about our picnic on the next entry then.

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