Lunch at Mouth Restaurant(地茂馆)

Lunch was super, duper delicious at Mouth Restaurant(地茂馆). Not sure what is the building name but it was next to Hong Lim Building(Chinatown). If you know where is the overhead bridge, from there, you can see the restaurant at ground level. Enjoyed the sumptuous, heavy lunch with my dear colleagues. =)


Fluffy and cripsy, skin was lightly salted. Nice!

Pork Ribs with apple sauce

Meat was very tender and the sauce was fantastic, wasnt too sweet at all.


Fresh and succulent. Yummy.

Cereal Prawns

My bad for this lousy angle but this dish was really nice! Very fragrant. Although amount of cereal was kinda stingy, the taste did not compromise.

Broccoli with crabmeat

Generous amount of crabmeat! As usual, I prefer my broccoli a little softer. But realised usually people cooked it this way, slightly crunchy. Oh well. Taste was good though.

Fried HarKaw(prawn dumpling)

Weird. I thought we ordered the steamed one.

Fried Prawn roll

Interesting presentation but taste so-so.

We, or rather I, was very famished so pictures were taken hurriedly. We also had different dimsum like fried carrot cake, crabmeat 小笼包, prawn siewmai but missed taking their pictures. I only tried the 2 above in the pictures and fried carrot cake and they’re pretty normal, not awesome. However, the ala carte dishes are wonderful. =) Total bill for 6 of us came up to around $128 after OCBC 10% discount. We ate to our hearts’ fill, pretty worth it in my opinion. Service is prompt and good too.

Definitely will patronize them again. =D


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