Movies review – Spoilers Alert

Movie title: The Jade and the pearl (翡翠明珠)
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: First impression of the movie would be, wah, they really got a lot of budget as every niffy little thing were exquisitely designed and made. From the costumes, to head gear, to the deco of the palace, carriage. Not to mention with stars like Raymond and Charlene, this show is a total candy to the eyes. Story is pretty cheesy but heck, it’s a comedy anyway. And it’s pretty funny lah. Charlene has improved on her acting! Worth a watch.

Movie title: Step Up 3
Comments: For someone who’s totally nuts with Hip hop dancing, I’m of course, totally awed by all the groove in the show. The storyline is okie, just that I dont understand how Sharni can suddenly chup 1 leg in and dance with the team when she did not take part in the rehearsal at all, as if it’s allowed in competitions. This movie has more hunks than beauties. Either there are very few beauties who know R&B, else the producer is trying very hard to restrict all eyes on her precious Sharni. As much as I love hunks, I love beauties too.

Movie title: Stool pigeon (线人)
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: Minus 0.5 because my 张家辉 had a sad ending, didnt die though. Poor Nic died. Lol. This show is awesome. I’m constantly impressed by more and more unique storylines by the HK movies producers, i.e, 意外, 窃听风云. This shoe is about the struggle of, and relationship between, informants(线人) and their police officers. Superb acting by ALL the cast(other than Nic’s sis), you’ll see many senior actors inside. The plot is very very engaging and scenes were choreographed in a way that makes you fidget in your seat. Very very thrilling. Yes, Must Watch!

Movie title: City Under Siege (全城戒备)
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: 3points because I’m not a fan of Aaron. Because he’s a clown in the show. And because he cant act well as a clown! Duhz. Anyway, his character lacked depth lah. I’m quite disappointed with Shu Qi‘s performances too. Wonder what’s wrong with the 2 of them? 倪星 was great, long time no see him. His acting improved alot, granted that he’s an action star. The story got an interesting start but poor development. For an Asian movie, the digital effects were very commendable and outstanding. The 美术执导(arts) did a fantastic job. And no wonder, it’s by 张叔平William Chang. Definitely an award-winning piece. So are the actions choreography. It’s a waste…big waste.


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