Unique Christian Names

Dearie got a friend who decided to adopt a christian name for himself. His Chinese name is call 河水 and his surname is Sim.

I jokingly suggested, “Call Water Sim loh, or River Sim. Riverwater Sim also can. =) ”

After awhile, dearie showed me his SMS which said, “What do you think if I name myself Water Sim?”

I nearly fell off my chair.

“He’s serious??!! Oh well. Then perhaps can use Walter. Sounds almost the same but spelling looks slightly nicer than “Water

Dearie then replied suggesting “Walter” is not bad too to him.

Soon, he replied along the lines of “But Water seems more original. How about Riverwater, Rivancce, RV?”


Christian names are really getting more and more..ah…unique lately.

Whenever dearie and me are bo-liao, sometimes we tried to think of both English and Chinese names for our unborn kids(if any, in future).

As it’s popular piecing the parents’ names together to form the kid’s names, we tried too.





Alright, jokes aside, I did thought of a few nice names before but cant really recall now. It’s not as if we’re serious in having kids right now anyway. But hopefully, our kid’s names can be unique but not too exotic or act class. Lol.

Other than appearance, names could be the other first thing which determines the first impression. Because when you just got to know someone, naturally the first question will be “what is your name?”. Although everyone knows names are usually given by parents, you will still form an impression in your heart uncontrollably.

Too common names?
It doesnt give any lasting impression nor lends any character to your image.

Too kinky/act-cute names?
To me, it’s fine so long so your personality matches(youthful, vibrant) and if you’re under 25 years old.

I cant imagine myself being called..e.g, Barbie or Candy when I’m 50 years old. Purely my personal opinion. People with baby faces are totally fine with them. FYI though, I like Barbie Hse(大S) very much! And she really maintains very well!

Too act-class names?
People will assume you’re trying to act classy or arrogant. Names like Kingsley, Valentino are a few among them. Use if you dare.

Okie I’m trying very very hard not to cite examples in case anyone gets offended. I have absolutely no mean intention. At least I dont have friends of the mentioned names though.

That being said, of course personality and heart comes more important in time than mere names and fame. As much as we always tell ourselves to take more time to know a person, first impressions will naturally be formed. And there ARE people on earth who rely solely on first impressions to determine the next date with you. Your name is also your identity and what makes you special. So I feel names, whether English or Chinese, should not be adopted shabbily.

You must like it.
Else you hate it everytime you write or announce your name.

You must own it.
So that whenever the name comes up, no matter how many people have the same name, you’re still the first who comes to mind.
For example, if you name yourself Andy but people always think of Andy Lau first before you, isnt that kind of…………..hmm……….

Or perhaps, I might not choose a christian name for my son(if any, in future) after all as I feel he will develop his own personality in time. And he can pick a name which he likes and suits him when he got a mind of his own. Like wise for daughter.

Maybe, just not names like, e.g, Lampard, Gaylord, Anastasia, Tita and certainly no fruit names. Fruit names seems to imply your parents or yourself have limited vocabulary. =P


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