Hmm…what is really the TRUTH behind “Private Affairs”?

Hmm….a follow up to my previous entry

I’ve been innocently(keke) directed to a forum in a comment left behind by a friendly reader(thanks for dropping by yah) Bubao…which further leads me to another few blog links. Apparently, there were a few popular food bloggers who jumped enthusiastically into conclusion and fired mercilessly at ladyironchef first-hand BEFORE he addressed the said issue with the his side of the story.

Two bloggers caught my eye. Glenn Lee from apologized formally on his blog as well as emailed ladyironchef personally after he heard his side of story. *claps* Subsequently, he also deleted the previous entry. Therefore I didnt get to read it, but most probably, it’s not very “nice” maybe.

On the other hand, another unapologetic female food blogger, Kaelyn Ong stands true on her previous entry and further emphasized she’s entitled to her own opinions on her own blog. I have to say she really does express her disgust for Brad well. Haha.

And after reading her 1st entry “STOP asking for free food!” BEFORE Brad made his statement and the 2nd unapologetic entry, End of story #2 AFTER Brad made his statement….again…I cant help…but to form some…opinions and guesses.

She refused to make a public apology for her 1st entry.

I’m not surprised as you can clearly know her personality from the 1st entry. And strictly speaking, indeed she dont have to because she’s entitled to her own opinions on her own blog, no matter whether the content she blogged are half-truths or not. People demand her to apologize is because her blog got traffic, and there were negative impact. It’s also not my business whether she apologizes or not. What boggles me was how she can sound so sure that she had the truth and was totally unapologetic and indignant about holding her “stand”.

There were like 80+ negative comments hammering Brad for that misleading post.

I mean, if you realised you previously blogged an entry criticizing someone with only half-truths and not the whole story, and no matter the truth he claimed is real or not, you will still have doubts, you will still feel abit paiseh right? That you have jumped into conclusion and mislead all your readers?

Hmmm…………….and I cant help forming some opinions and guesses in my head.

Brad Lau and his friends took the brunch on 22nd Aug 2010.

Yahoo fit-to-post entry titled S’poreans outraged over ‘free meal’ blogger was dated on the next day 23rd Aug 2010.

That was probably the first entry to hit the WWW, attracting hundreds of thousands. All other new thread topics on forums or personal blogs were either on the same day or the day after. Singaporeans very efficient on gossips huh~ Keke.

But look at the date of her 1st entry.

It was dated 22nd Aug 2010, the very same day Brad Lau attended the brunch with his friends, and 1 day before the news hit Yahoo Singapore.

She said:

A little bird told me a very disturbing piece of news today:

A rather “famous” food blogger (X) went to a restaurant with a group of friends for brunch this morning. When the bill came, X asked for a waiver cuz he’s a food blogger.

Who is that bird huh?

Who can be soOoo clear with what (supposedly) took place at the restaurant with such painful details?

Who is soOO kpo to tell her first hand on the very day which the incident happened?

She further said:

It may jolly well be a case of miscommunication, but I must admit that I’m quite skeptical. It may be the truth, or it may just be damage control. What is obvious to me though, is the poor attitude displayed. Bringing 3 friends along, being late, and then tossing the credit card when made to pay? Errr, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very gracious to me.

That’s right. That doesnt sound gracious but that certainly came with reason. Anyone will be pissed if forced to pay a pretty big bill IF he was entitled to a complimentary meal OR misleaded into thinking that it should be complimentary. She’s not quite skeptical. She totally disregards ALL the proof which he presented and not 1 sentence was being said about analyzing(like how I did) his account’s credibility. She merely kept harping on his attitude, lateness, bring friends along….nahz…those are minor issues(not that I meant it’s acceptable) when compared with the major issue at hand; whether was it a food-tasting invitation etc.

And what I found even more mind-boggling is this;

To X: If you happen to read this and decide to take your petty revenge by writing a lousy post slamming that restaurant, I dare you to. Count yourself lucky that the kind chef gives you and your bunch of friends that 50% discount. If I’m the chef, you can wait until the cows come home for that discount.

P.S. The blogger X is a ’he’, but his blog sounds like a ‘she’. If that’s not clear enough, I don’t know what is.


Lol. It’s SO ironic when a blogger who just slammed another blogger’s face down in dirt with a nasty entry can end it with the word “Peace“.

It’s like, “Hey you’re (*&^%$#$%^&*&^%$%^ and I totally despise you for what you’ve done! By the way, PEACE okie.”


Alright. I just feel the last paragraph was like over-the-edge. And I wondered if you have the same view as me, that is, she is totally biased in the restaurant, Private Affairs’s favor.

Whoever that bird is, she seems to trust him/her completely that she heard the truth and in her heart, she has already condemned Brad no matter what evidence he produces. I.e, She is not objective.

It’s just a guess; I feel she’s affiliated in some way with the restaurant, Private Affairs. However, since her sense of “integrity” seems to be “bursting” in her entry so I’m more likely to believe no monetary gains were involved. Young, impulsive and prudish as she is, she’s more likely naively being used as a tool by the same restaurant who used Brad for advertisement.

Woah seh! The marketing for Private Affairs “rocks” manz. Just a budget of $435-$160=$275 can attract so much “awareness”. Li hai! For that, the operations director Ross Valentines was similarly guilty as charged because apparently, he took part in the whole farce too.

As much as I’m opinionated in my own blog, it’s never my intention to, you know, get all heated up in other people’s debate/gossip(whatever you call it), act all holy righteous and mighty to attract ANY attention. Friends who know me know that I dislike attention of any sort. And I do treasure it(low blog traffic wise) because I can write (almost) anything I want on my blog and not affect anyone negatively.

Why I feel extremely hostile towards Suzanna Low is because I cant imagine anyone, for the sake of blog traffic, subject another man to public flogging BEFORE he make a public statement. In short, I dont like people who use other people for their own gains. And I’m one who treasures reputation more than life. Haven you heard of 誓可杀,不可辱? I rather die with glory than live with shame.

I’m very sure I will write VERY differently if my blog traffic is as busy as XX because I KNOW what I write can pull a man up OR pull him down. But since I’m a nobody, I think I can enjoy the freedom of writing my own views on my own blog.


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