Actual birthday post just opened to public.

You ask, why so gei-zua? Awhile password protected, awhile no protection.

Ask my hubby loh. Awhile like this, awhile like that. =P


Recent, daily, indulgence. HAHA.

Excuse chosen: I was at Raffles City and the pumps I was wearing was hurting me SO BADLY that I HAVE to buy another pair to change. =)
Isnt it gorgeous……

Excuse chosen: I was telling hubby…”as you know, it’s soOooO difficult for me to buy shoes because feet so small and finally I found a pair of platform wedges of my size to go with my maxi dresses!” It is super comfy and easy to walk. Serious.

Excuse chosen: “This is for work.” I stated matter-of-factly, shrugging. Shoes are perishable goods, my last pair of Heatwave heels is dying soon.
While I’m browsing this last pair…..
Dearie said, “erm honey, for your info lah hor, the shoe cabinet is full liao. Just, for your info lah you know~”

Muahahahah But there’s no stopping me!

Excuse chosen: I’m really crazy with wedges lately lah I admit but this is totally a MUST-HAVE! Where else can you find a strappy and full-of-character wedges of size 3?? It’s super comfy and easy to walk too. I’m so serious.

Causeway point John-little having massive clearance sale. L’oreal having 20%+20% off while most have 20% off. Be sure to check the manufacturing date though. =D


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