Review of DEARY masks

Sibei sian ah!!!

Vickki is lying dead on the floor and I’m lying dead on the sofa.


*Put mask* ZzzZzz

Some time back went Raffles City and Robinson was having sales. Robinson Platinum card members have 20% off!!! Yeah!!
But I dont have that card. Neither do dearie.


Ok lah, actually I have nothing to buy. Some other items were on sale too without the need for the card. And I hope you’ve realised, other than SHOES, I have this obsessive habit of collecting………………MASKS!! That’s right! Facial masks, not teochew 变脸 that kind of mask okie. The thing is, when I see a different brand, especially if the packaging is nice, I will have to buy it home. Use or not is secondary, I just want to collect them. Bo liao right. Well, susbsequently, I will force myself to use it, dont waste mah.

(P/S Vickki insists on coming into the picture. See her determined face? =P)

Cheesy, ob-biang brand name, “DEARY”

Using “DEARY” but missing “DEARIE”.


It’s really not bad leh. I’m really particular about the material of facial masks. DEARY’s masks are of a real soft and thin cotton material and they adhered really closely to your skin for maximum comfort and optimum effect. It’s so thin that the chor lor me almost tear it while stretching it to the maximum horizontally to fit my pizza face.

I’ve already tried the blue one and it’s great for whitening and brightening. Because once, after I used it, I went on to do housework for like 1 hour plus. And when I stopped by the washroom at the mirror, I was stunned with the fairer me topped with rosy cheeks and for 5seconds, the blur me with short term memory thought I forgotten to remove my makeup.

But after awhile, I tried to re-trace back…and concluded I did removed my makeup as I always do after I reached home. It’s either the mask or the housework workout which made the skin glows. Of course I doubt it’s the latter…because rosy yes maybe, but fairer? Uh uh~

Currently, I’m trying the green one which comes with ear-lopes. It’s very interesting because it comes with an extra flap for the neck too. Which means you can treat your neck partially. It’s great lah because recently I’ve realised the contrast between my face and neck has been getting bigger. =( Everyone please remember to apply sunblock on your neck too!

With the ear-lopes which holds the neck mask in place, it doubles as a firming mask(that’s what it claims). And hopefully, my double chin can improve lah. =P

Oh okie, about the price, I think it’s around $13.90 for the ear-lopes firming mask and $16.90 for the other 2. Each box comes with 7 pieces and I got all of them at further 20% off.

Ok bad news. The sale ended last Sunday.

But you can always wait for the next one la!

Okie. I go cook my “brunch” liao. Cya!


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