*Updated* ladyironchef & Suzanna(Low life)

Few days ago, Dearie mentioned about a particular SG food blogger who refused to pay for his meals at a restaurant after declaring he, as a food blogger, never pays.

Me: Which food blogger so 贱?

Dearie: ladyironchef

Me: Ohhhhh, that’s the idiot who gave a grossly over-rated review for Taste Paradise‘s dimsum!

Considering how Lin, KS and me were conned into visiting the expensive restaurant which serves mediocre dim-sum, I was thinking, “Serves him right!”

Dearie: The restaurant eventually gave him a big discount but he still threw the credit card on the table. And now the whole food blogger community were saying how he had tainted their reputation and disgraced them.

Yahoo news: Food-blogger-who-asks-for-free-meal-sparks-outrage-online

Despite so, the kaypo me digged up his supposedly-famous-but-now-notorious-food-blog at http://www.ladyironchef.com/ just now and began to read. I knew there bound to be some explanations trying to justify/deny the accusations. He did. By the way, I just got to know it’s a “he”. Oh my, no matter what is his once-in-a-lifetime-story for the name, I still feel it’s very gu-niang lor.

But after I saw his pic……….

Ok. Now I understand.

Alright, so he related/claimed the TRUTH, here

There were tons of screen shots. But to cut the story short, he claimed/said he didnt barge into the restaurant, had an expensive meal, declared that he’s a food blogger and refused to pay. Instead, the PR manager Melanie had invited him with a guest of his to a food-tasting session. And of course, by his definitions, it meant, “Woohoo! Shiok la! Another free meal. But I have to review it sui-sui(awesomely/fantastically/amazingly).”

Hng! Just like how the review of Taste Paradise came about huh~ 简直是一派胡言!!

Anyway, for his screen shots, I kinda dont understand why the need to screen some parts of the email which is vitally important.

For example;

Greetings from XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oh please, everyone got the gossip first hand in Yahoo and everyone knows which restaurant already. Is there a need to screen it? We dont even know if Melanie exists, so greetings from WHO is definitely necessary to clear the air. Subsequently, all details of the sender were being screened. So the screen shots did not help at all as who the hell know Melanie?? She could be a PR manager for another eatery or just someone with a common name.

Okie, ASSUMING, that the print screens were all real and Melanie does exists as a PR manager for Private Affairs….

Well, then this Melanie is really foul-play. As it’s commonly understood that a food-tasting invitation comes complimentary. And if she dont intend for that, it’s only right to state the prices of the brunch for all, if not, for the 3rd and 4th guest since she extended the invitation to Brad Lau and a guest of his. Also, never should she use the phrase “food-tasting“, she can perhaps say “we will be honored with your patronage and sincerely await your arrival with your guests whenever you’re comfortable.” etc.

It’s kinda ridiculous if someone invites you as humbly as possible for a food-tasting session twice and remarked that, “Oh please do bring along a friend and we’re be delighted to see you bla bla” and then after that demands innocently yet maliciously, “Oei, bill is $435. Pay, you idiot! You didnt expect all is free huh, you greedy pig.”

Why I said she’s foul play was also because she didnt directly reply the email which Brad was indirectly asking whether it’s complimentary for the 3rd and 4th guests he’s bringing. And even the SMS she replied was ambiguous. Still, Brad can only blame himself for over assuming and thinks not only there are free lunches in this world, there are also free champagne for him and his friends.

DGG lah. DAN-GU-GU=Wait long long.

A-S-S-U-M-E => When you a-s-s-u-m-e, you make an ass out of U and ME.

The chick chit, I mean, did however admitted indeed he threw the credit card on the table.

Silly boy. Throw credit card on the table got what use?

He should ask to see Melanie and throw it at HER instead. Haha.

From what I see, this whole episode was a highly malicious act by Private Affairs to advertise for themselves by stepping on people’s head. But you know what, that will probably be the last restaurant on Earth that I will go. For they stink to the core with their despicable act.

Anyway, assuming that every and everything are true(about what he claimed/said), being a food blogger(or so, as he proudly prided himself as), it’s still unprofessional to give a biased review after a free meal, without any disclosure of it being free at all.

I have more respect and certainly more trust in food bloggers who reviews for food that they paid for. Or the very minimum, DISCLOSE that the food are complimentary when you give a review. That’s only respecting your integrity as well as your readers.

I’m not a fan of his blog but I have guessed that he writes unjust and dishonest reviews while enjoying free food. For that, I view Leslie Tay in ieatishootipost with the SAME pinch of salt. Still, I find it amusing. A doctor also like that. Bleh~

No matter whether truth did come to light, he’s finished.
I mean, he’s not dead lah, neither is his blog. But people will not believe or read his reviews already.

Trust takes more than a decade to earn but seconds to destroy.

If only he’s less greedy.



Apparently, Private Affairs are not the only grossly stinky people on Earth. An overly-concerned auntie Miss Suzanna Low had enthusiastically put up the Yahoo! Fit To Post article on her Facebook, hoping to reach as many as she can. She also wrote an article herself, titled You eat. You pay. Even if you’re a famous food blogger.

Miss Bao Qing Tian
Miss 包青天

Ha, spoken like a real outraged and righteous holy maiden, below are some excerpts;

“Such an arrogant attitude has angered the food blogging community, with many claiming that this sort of action tarnishes the good reputation built up by reputable food bloggers.
From my experience, bloggers eat for free only when they have been personally invited by the restaurants or organizers for food blogging events. One example was a Moon Cake tasting event I organized two years ago with the management of the Yan Ting restaurant at The St Regis Singapore for the Flickr food bloggers.
According to another blogger friend of mine, Edvarcl Heng, who used to blog for a food magazine, Lau had already violated restaurant review ethics by declaring his media presence. And according to his friend at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), reviews are always conducted incognito so as to negate restaurant/chef/service bias. Hence, demanding for a free meal equates to bribery.
So Brad, if you are reading this blog, I urge you to come forward with your side of the story. As they say, you can run but you can’t hide forever. And in this Internet age, nothing is forgotten as everything is archived on the World Wide Web.”

Woah! This post was out BEFORE Brad blogged about his side of the story. And as much as I dont hold Brad in very high regard, I think this Suzanna is far far worst!! Stepping on people’s head to gain traffic to her own blog by acting all righteous and dignified.

“You can run but you cant hide forever.”

Hng! I was thinking, “who the hell you think you are?” and how “helpful” you are in making all those “conclusions” and “assumptions” huh when the person in question has not even give an explanation or reply.

And weeks following that, her comment again,

Suzzinc says…
Hi guys,
the truth is out, check out my latest post and Brad’s side of the story.

And guess what, she wrote another entry as a response to Brad‘s reply.

I nearly puked in disgust at the title, Get your facts right before you write

Yeah!! Talking about yourself is it?

Tell yourself one more thing, Auntie Suzanna.

Shut your bloody mouth up and stop adding oil to fire when you dont know what really happened and definitely not BEFORE the person in question responds.

What a lame asshole.

Seriously, I might be mean and all that, but at least I will see what the “victim” has to say first before giving my own views on my own personal blog for my OWN pleasure okie.

Seeing how she act righteous while spreading the article generously online, coupled with her own assumptions to further maligned Brad simply doesnt put her in a very positive light.

Simply cant stand her. She’s probably happily thinking:

“Oh you can run but cant hide forever. Please come forward and pray for your sins. We have you here in WWW. You might be breaking the law for bribery. And behold, “You eat. You pay. Even if you’re a famous food blogger”, just like me! I have so many blogger friends and we will sure put you down. And I will post and spread to to EVERYONE on my facebook so that everyone knows what a farce you are. Please keep up with my blog because I’m a sucker for traffic and loves putting people down to make myself look classier.”

And when the truth is out?

She claimed,Get your facts right before you write

What a joke!

What a low life lamer manz!

She still dare to write:

“The truth has finally emerged from the food blogging scandal surrounding food blogger Brad Lau and restaurant Private Affairs. After being uncontactable and his blog down due to overwhelming traffic from the recent incident blogged by a Yahoo! Fit To Post blogger, Lau has shed some light with his side of the story surrounding the incident.
As a blogger myself, I’ve always felt the need to get my facts right before I blog about something. Sensationalizing and hyping a gossip or rumor now and then is certainly good for the site’s pageviews and click-through rates, but I always believe that what you write on the Internet that’s not true will always turn around to bite you back.
So, always get your facts right before you write on. Or the next person’s reputation which you are flushing down the toilet may just be yours.”

SUPER DUPER disgusting right? Classic 马后炮.

I’ll gladly slap her for the chit. And suddenly he dont seem that annoying already.


10 Responses to *Updated* ladyironchef & Suzanna(Low life)

  1. goldflower86 says:

    i agree with what u said. he is finished. hahah

  2. David says:

    Brad, the restaurant and finally the Miss Bao were all condemned by you… You seem the “holy-est” uh? hahahahaha

  3. apricot says:

    agree with what u said abt suzanne. self-righteous low-life cheapskate using others’ misfortune/difficulty for her own gain, with a goody-two-shoes attitude to boot. ya, suddenly brad doesn’t look so annoying.

  4. Bubao says:

    Hello Chilli Padi, you are so la (Spicy!)!!

    I actually think about on the same wavelength. ILC genna suay suay sabo.


    maybe a chance they wait long long already.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Actually I’m think…many food bloggers out there are also enjoying the same “privileges” just like ladyironchef. Just that they kept mum about it too. Ladyironchef is pretty suay lah to be the first sacrificial lamb. But again, he’s probably chosen because his blog is among the most popular. Unfortunately, he is too reckless and greedy to exercise caution to protect himself, nor did he settle the issue promptly and in the most amiable manner.

  5. james chia says:

    This Ah Gua really make us guys lose face man. What the f**k? Still dare to bring 3 friends to eat free lunch and claim that he will pay for the other 2 friends???


    The question is he says on the email he bring 3 more friends but never say he will pay for 2.

    I am going to tell everyone to boycott this ah gua website!!!

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