Sat drinks nite cum Post Bday Dimsum Brunch

Sat was out with my fave drinking kakki Rain. As much as I enjoyed my night out with the girls at Coffee Bar K for cocktails last Sat, it suddenly dawned on me that it’s extremely illogical when I spent a much higher amount on much lesser and lighter drinks. Doesnt makes sense loh, I told Rain. =P Yes, that experience was nice but still, I guess I’m not a “cocktail” person. =P Wine, beer, liquor, spirits, yes. But not cocktails.

So back to BQ we went. And we tried a new bar. It was awesome. Beside from the pure white modern tables and deco with lovely blue lights, every table has their individual touch-screen LCD to select their ktv songs. Fantastic or what? Hee. No more struggling of writing chinese song titles on papers and the trouble of submitting to the waitresses. We just “touch touch touch” and wait for our songs to come. What’s more, they serve San Miguel. It’s my first time trying out the beer and I love it! It was very smooth, not too sweet, not too light nor heavy.

I always find Heineken too light(no beer taste) while Tiger too bitter. Carlsberg is not bad and of course Hoegarden is the best. But BQ dont sell it. And I seriously prefer San Miguel to Hoegarden. I just love the taste. Somemore, they’re selling a tower(2.5jugs) at only $45(after happy hr). We had 2 towers….and guess what…they made a mistake and only billed us 1 tower. =P

I really enjoyed myself that night and got to know a new friend, Pearl. She is Rain’s friend and is really easy to talk to. She struck me as a very candid and confident person who’s not afraid to say what she wants. I really admire that alot because I’m so sick of hypocrites around me. We had alot of fun and I think we would have MORE fun if she drinks! She only drinks plain water. *faints*. Nevertheless, we had an awesome time. Erm…we even adjourned to Clarke Quay….went 2 clubs before heading home. Was is Zirca? Geez…I’m so…”forgetful”. =P I only remembered we didnt pay for any cover and had loads of dancing. =D

Great Night. Looking forward to the next session!

Reached home at 5am…………..and woke up at 11+am to get ready for Sunday Brunch!

Lovely couple KS and Lin are so nice to treat me to a post bday sunday brunch!

So sweet and thoughtful right? Actually I’m pretty chin-chai one, as I 100% respect the boss who’s paying. Haha Lin said KS meant to treat me long ago as I’m their 红娘 , a.k.a, I’m the one who introduced them. Lol. It’s certainly my pleasure and I’m so very happy for them now that they’re blissful and stable together.

So far they’re the only couple whom I’ve successfully pull the red strings. =S Hope to get more lovely people together. =D

Oh ya if you ask me which cuisine I prefer for a sunday brunch, I’ll definitely choose piping hot dim-sum as I have been craving it for the longest time. =D And the more important reason is, they’re easier on the stomach for someone who woke up late, had alot of drinks the previous night and probably cant eat much. =P

So we end up at Taste Paradise as highly raved by ladyironchef. Erm…I found the review grossly overrated…highly suspected it’s a paid review=P

The deco was indeed impressive but I didnt take alot of pics because I was so damn famished after Lin and I reached. Mr KS caught up with us much later. I hate my camera. The shots with flash are not nice as they make the colours dull. And shots without flash are usually blur. We took many shots but only the ones I took of the couple and 1 group shot managed to be decently clear.

Though the dim-sum brunch was not the best I’ve tasted, but I really really appreciate Mr KS and Lin for the post bday treat! =D Oh they also gave me Isetan vouchers too(forgot to take picture)! Thank you very much! Next time we can try elsewhere for good dim-sum! =) The Asia grand restaurant at Odeon Tower….Slurps!


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