9th Aug 2010 My Birthday

Continued from previous entry…..

Rise and Shine. It was 9th Aug 2010. Dearie actually booked the massage at 5.45pm which was soOoo ridiculously late. I asked him bluntly, “since we’re checking out at 2pm, what should we do until 5.45pm?”

Then, he realised the appointment was being made too late. =S He also planned to bring me go Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! Yeah, I’ve been lemming to go for so long and everytime he has lots of excuses; weather too hot, attire not right, no mood etc. Gu-niang lah he.

Therefore, it’s too rush if we need to go home and store the icecream cake and then rush to Night Safari again since entry starts at 7pm. Our Zoo is very very crowded one wor! Hence, we had no choice but to cancel the massage since no early slots were available.

It’s okie, we can go other time. =D

Grabbed my fave dishes at Tea Cosy, PS before leaving for home.

Tomato and Crabmeat soup!

Though there’s not alot of crab meat, the soup was wonderfully tasty and will leave a lasting impression because I’ve never tasted anything quite like that. Yummy! For those who’re afraid of tomato taste, dont worry, it doesnt have a heavy tomato taste. The 2 main ingredients really blended beautifully. Around S$8.95.

Pan seared Foie gras.
I kinda remembered I blogged about this before. I love foie gras here than anywhere else because of it’s special zesty and fruity punch! Love the small pieces of mandarin oranges(love it if there’s more) and was it caramelized pears too? It’s just an extraordinary combination which amazingly clicked very well! Crisp on the outside, soft and moist inside….Seriously I can eat this everyday………yeah……and get choked with high cholesterol. It’s less than S$30 and let’s hope the price will never hike. Of course, you dont think you can get full with this dish yah.

Another recommendation will be it’s Duck Pasta. Very yummy too.


After a change of attire at home, we’re off to the Zoo!!

I enjoyed the day like a little girl with my dear hubby. Yipee! Sg life is too stressful, sometimes the zoo might be a good place to de-stress. =P We prepared mosquito patches, applied sunblock, bring water and were ready to go!

I made a major mistake when I left my scrunchies on the car and was unable to tie my hair. Horror! It was so hot and I’m only left with a tiny clip. I cliped up my hair but it dropped now and then and turned me into sadako. I had no choice but to try ANYTHINGI can just to keep that mass up, even if it meant I looked like a shrew or lao auntie. My hair is seriously getting too long. Hence you kept seeing me with different obscene hairstyles in the pictures. Not because I very free to keep change pattern okie.

Before starting our tram ride, we were a little hungry and decided to grab something to eat at Ulu Ulu Safari. What shocked us were the prices of our local dishes. I expected them to be higher as it is a tourist spot. However, I wasnt prepared for a plate of chicken rice which can cost as high as $18! Ridiculous! I looked around and basically even Char Kway Teow can costs like $15 or so. I…simply dont have the heart to order 1…and finally I saw a grill stall which sells Grilled Stingray with rice at $18.

If I have to be kanna chop carrot, at least I choose something more worth it loh. And so we ordered that.



It wasnt that tiny a piece which I’ve expect…more like the small size stingray around $10 at our usual zi-char stalls. The taste was not bad…stingray was fresh and at least the bowl of rice was huge.

But of course, the best stingray ought to be at Balestier Market, How Hup Stall.


Very limited pictures as flash shots were not allowed. Our favourite animal would be Tarsier. They might be the smallest and cutest monkey you ever seen with their huge orbs of innocent eyes. They are also nocturnal and in the list of endangered species. Failed to grab a picture of it because by then it was dark. The asian otters were very cute too as they’re mini in size.

The animal which left the deepest impression would be the bats. They can be pretty large when they spread out their wings fully. They were flying everywhere in the gigantic netted enclosure. You just have to dodge them because it seemed they’re really kinda blind and anyhow fly, not looking what is infront of them. =P I was almost struck deaf by the stupid woman infront of me who was screaming with her lungs out with every step she take.

Duhz! Scared then dont go inside to see lah!

The flying squirrels were an eye-opener too but we didnt see them fly though. Love their bushy tails. But they’re kinda too far high up the tree to see them properly.

The highlight of the whole trip will the the “Creatures of the Night” show. It was only 30minutes but we can just imagine the amount of time they spent in training the small and cute animals. Very entertaining, be sure to catch it when you’re there.

In short, actually we didnt see tons of animals during the night safari. I think we can see more during the afternoon. Perhaps next time. =D

Alright. Here are the pictures but really limited since flash pictures were not allowed as they will harm the eyes of the animals. The ones which I’ve managed were without flash and clear. Most turned out blur.

(Can “X” the SuperPokes on right hand side)

We went Bt Panjang for some late night supper(Satay!!) before going home too. =D

Thank you honey for the lovely day out! Love you always. Smuacks!!


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