Coffee Bar K

Alright…while the pictures were being uploaded to, let me begin the entry of 7th Aug(sat)’s evening/night with the girls; Kel, Jy and Gra.

I’m very thankful that we can all meet on a Saturday because usually that’s not very possible when both Kel and Jy are mothers. Everytime we meet on a weekend, it means their dearest hubby will be burning their weekend instead, taking care of the kids. *Paiseh* So thanks to all the considerate hubbies!! =) Kel’s bb, Kad knocked his head and suffered a cut that evening too. We only knew that after Kel reached. Despite Kel’s worry, she still came out for our gathering. And I’m so sorry towards Kad that I have to steal his mum away when he’s hurt. =( Hope his tiny head is okie now.

This time round, I chose the venues as I hope to experience something different. I guess we’re all sick of BQ by now when every now and then some young tiak-stamp Ah Beng will approach. (=.=)”’ Since clubbing scenes are also out for us 熟女 and I’m also abit tired from the relentless heavy drinking for the past few days…….we finally settled at Bar Bar Black Sheep for dinner and then Coffee Bar K for drinks!

Hmm…I got this 2 choices from Google and Bar Bar Black Sheep was recommended for their cheap drinks and great food. However, as I was STILL having cramps that evening, I did not have any drinks. Instead, Gra offered me a tiny blue pill. Not VIAGRA okie….It’s Synflex(naproxen), a painkiller to ease pain. Thankfully, the elixir worked and pain subsided after less than an hour. I forced myself to eat some of the beef burgers(so that I can drink later. Keke!) and still dont find them nice. The beef was like pretty tough and tasteless. So was the beef salad. Alas, the dishes they ordered were all beef because Jy said she cant eat beef at home(religion issues), so she wanted to eat beef to her fill outside. ZzZzz.

We walked a long way from Gallery hotel before we can find it almost at the end of Robertson Quay. The walking distance was inevitable because there’s no way cars can come in near.

Bar Bar Black Sheep was not air-conditioned so it got a little warm after awhile. The food……..wasnt nice. The meat were all too tough for my poor gums, and not much taste.

Gra and Jy had white wine and we were on our way to Coffee Bar K promptly after the food and drinks were finished. Too hot! Kel joined us soon after.

Coffee Bar K is located at UE Square and thank god, air-conditioned! It’s a pretty small bar with very limited single sofa seats at the bar and many other alfresco seats. However, the ambiance was warm and cozy inside. Service was excellent, with hot towels being served as soon as you’re seated. We reached slightly after 9pm and was surprised that there’s no cover charge. Because I’ve read that they charged $15 after 9pm, with servings of parma ham, chips and fresh fruits. Since there’s no cover charge, we were pleasantly surprised when savories mentioned previously were still being served!

The bar is popular with their concocted cocktails, few of them being award-winning. In addition, they prided themselves for their professional Japanese bartenders. It was a disappointment lah as the only Jap bartender on duty for the night only had eyes for the VIP Japanese family at the other end of the bar. Not to mention, I’m not a fan of porcupine-hairstyled middle-age Japanese bartenders. You get my point, yes. =P

It’s okie, we girls still had a lot of fun sharing our stuffs. It was great because only soft jazz music was being played in the background; we dont have to shout to get ourselves heard. Chips promptly got filled up as soon as they’re depleting. It’s bad. God knows how much chips I ate that night. You can ask the bartender to concoct a special cocktail for you, according to the base you want, i.e, gin/vodka/tequila and the type of taste you want, i.e, dry/sweet/sour etc. We all had 2 rounds of cocktails. And as much as the service is good(other than the dao Jap bartender), the cocktails were nothing extraordinary to me. My Snowball was my least favorite amongst all I’ve tried elsewhere. It’s not that it wasnt nice, it’s just inferior to anywhere else where I’ve tried. Even the presentation was disappointing. The best Snowball is at Ballymoon, Orchard Hotel.

In conclusion, I didnt hear any raves from the girls for their both rounds of drinks. Gra unluckily got 1 which tasted exactly like Listerine! Horrendously “spicy”, minty, I worried for 3 secs straight if I’m going to die after I swallowed a sip. Expectantly, the whole glass got as untouched as a divine holy maiden and there goes 18 bucks.

I’m glad the girls were happy with the place and the experience(I’m just so much fussier than them) . Ultimately, it’s our first time being served warm towels in a bar. Haha. However, for me, I probably wont go there again. Somehow the aircon wasnt cold enough inside. After few hours, Jy also wanted a change of place because she found the place too “dead”, as in too quiet and too few people.

We adjourned to a pub nearby at Mohammad Sultan by walking. Yes, chilling aircon! Cold beer! Ahhh….it suddenly made the place damn attractive. It was pretty pack and surprisingly, the crowded wasnt that young, more of executives. Thank god, else Jy wont like. Haha. I realised there were very good singers and pool players there as well. Service was lousy though, beer prices was okay(like BQ). Cant chat very well because the ktv music was pretty loud.

Okie Pictures at Coffee Bar K

(“X” the Superpoke to see captions)

Thanks for the night out girls!!

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