7th Aug Kbox

Back to earth.

Wow…these 3 days has been amazing. Extremely satisfying and delightful. And I’m glad that no excessive amount of alcohol was needed to make it into fantastic days or nights. =) Because ultimately too much alcohol is not good for health lah. Somemore…I’m 1 year older already! Boohoo!

7th Aug at Kbox
With Rain & Jas.

The girls gave me a surprise when Rain suddenly strode into the room with a birthday cake.

Wow! I’ve forgotten how that feels because ahh…I cant remember the last time someone surprise me with a cake(other than dearie that is, for the past few years). As years go by, as our age increases, I realise most of my friends dont celebrate their birthdays anymore(for obvious reason, dont ask. =P) And we usually meet up for a dinner and that’s it. So it really warmed my heart when I saw the cake. Thanks so much to dear Jas who specially cabbed down to Aljunied to get the cake for me and brought it down to Marina Square. =D

Rain even smuggled in a Riesling. It was an excellent white wine, smooth, not sweet but not too sour. I hate sweet wines. =P It was real unlucky for me because on that very day, my “auntie” came. It was super dampening because I always have very bad cramps on the 1st day. =( And so, I was kinda grumpy during the ktv because the cramps were hurting me badly. However, inside my heart, I’m really really very happy and I tried not to show my pain. And I still savored the wine. Lol. =P

Sweet Rain and Jas had messaged me way before the week, wanting to celebrate with me. That’s so very sweet. =D However, some kind of miscomm happened. I thought they wanted friday(6th Aug), so I left sat to meet another group of girls. After that then realised Rain and Jas also meant Sat(7th Aug). Ahhhh…by then, it’s impossible for me to split myself into half. So instead of a full day with my dear Rain and Jas, we only had half a day(sat afternoon) as evening I had to leave to join another group. =(

I’m so sorry towards them….really dont bear to leave them that evening. =(

Well, nevermind, we can meet up soon again. =D

I had so many pictures for the past 3 days and is still super tired. Those were very hectic 3 days OK! This morning, I woke up with a migraine which threatened to kill me. It lasted for hours until I had to take a trip to Dr Tan for painkillers. I also need them for my monthly cramps lah anyway. My eye sockets still hurt now… =(

So pardon my laziness for lumping them into a slideshow.

Thanks girls! Love you lots! **Huggies**

Will continue other birthday posts soon……….

Thanks for all the birthday wishes via SMS/facebook!!


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