Mummy’s birthday!

It’s my dearest mummy’s birthday!! We(dearie and me) fetched her from work and brought her to Vivocity’s Crystal Jade for dinner. We, or rather I, chose there because Vivocity’s branch is quite different from the other branches. Apart from nicer deco, more comfy chairs, better scenic view, the menu is also different. There are more variety of dishes and service is also better. However, prices are also more expensive, like 50% more. No special meaning, just a note for you if you’re going there, in case you’re shocked with the hike in price.

Our pressie to mummy!

White gold diamond pearl pendant from Lee Hwa.

Happy birthday Mummy! We love you lots lots and you’re the greatest Mum EVER!!

I chose the pendant myself. We almost ran out of ideas of what to gave mummy as over the years, we had gotten her many different gifts as well as angbaos. While I was shopping at Jurong Point one fine day, I was drawn to the display of the lovely pearl pendants. I’m super crazy with peals lately! And well you’ll know what happen la. Ya, I chose 1 for myself. =P Then it dawned on me that Mummy has many diamond pendants but not many pearl pendants! Hence, I decided to choose another one for her. =D

Oh, but I waited for dearie to come to see the pendant too as we’re both giving her together. And dearie paid for my pendant as well, claiming it to be my birthday present. Just like that. zZzzZ, so bo xim right? =P Nahz anyway, we’ll see what he prepared for me on 8th and 9th Aug then…

Lately I’m really crazy with pearls….dont know why. Perhaps it has to do with age. =P Few more years, I will most probably be wearing jade. Muahahaha. Anyway, I hope mummy likes her pendant, I think it’s very elegant and suits her very well. =) I should have snapped her pic at the restaurant, but somehow I didnt. It’s like I’m uncomfortable with cameras myself and I assume mummy felt the same, especially in a crowded premium restaurant. I kinda regretted it now. Hmm…nevermind, I’ll grabbed her to snap a pic next time with her wearing the pendant. =)

Our dinner at Crystal Jade. After dinner, we adjourned to Honeymoon dessert house, exactly on the opposite.

I think they are all very average only though….kinda disappointed. Crystal Jade’s standard are normally not like this. And the mango dessert at Honeymoon dessert house was awfully sour!

Anyway, we had a fun night walking around Vivo and buying some stuff. Reached home around 11+pm.

(P/S Happy birthday to Chris and Ash who’s having the same birthday as my mummy. Cheers!)


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