Joyous Events

Last weekend was a whirlwind of events.

Argghhh….still having slight muscular cramp in my left hand as I’m typing now. Dont ask me why I always pain here pain there! I also dont wish too. =( Perhaps didnt sleep properly and weigh too much on my left hand while sleeping. I have phobia of sleeping on my back due to previous 被鬼压 experiences. Hence, I always sleep on my side. Bought pain-relieving cream yesterday. This is pretty good, highly recommended. Non-greasy at all, it did, however, has a mobiko-smell.


Okok, back to topic. On Sat, Beauty Credit has yet another high-tea session with many discounts. See how attractive is the poster in the email.

I’m of course looking at the FOOD! Korean dim-sum!

Alas, but it was major disappointment for they tasted worse than overnight sushi and I dont quite remember any of those in the picture being served. =P

Anyway, it was a pretty bad experience because there were hoards of aunties pushing one another inside the tiny shop. This time round, the goodies bag was nothing nothing to rave about. The previous one was pretty good though.

So well, erm, I also dont quite remember what I bought….oh ya…I bought the Q10 shower foam, Q10 body salt and a milk peeling toner(60% off). Total came up to around a hundred after different discounts. The Q10 products(20-30% off) work especially well, you know, for my aging skin. And it really leaves the skin smooth.

I do understand I need to diligently apply lotion la…..but really getting super lazy lately. Shriveling into a prune soon. =P

After the high-tea, we went down to Boss’s house for her daughter’s full month celebration. Baby is cute with lots of hair. Dearie and me were super envious. Muahahahaha. As usual, the gambling addicts were all there playing blackjack. I played half round of mahjiong and left with dearie. No choice, the piggie was fast asleep on the couch and I dont wish to look like the heartless gambling wife. My “reputaion” is bad enough in the agency, thanks to my darling hubby loh. He always act “innocent victim”…. =P

Come Sunday night, it was Christine’s & Ivan’s wedding! Met many long-time-no-see friends and it was a joy to witness Chris’s big day. I’m so so so happy for her! She looked exceptionally lovely in her petite frame with her intricately-designed gowns. Her photoshoot pictures are also stunning, very whimsical and gothic-style. I like!

The big event was being held at Furama Riverfront Hotel, Mercury ballroom. Yeah, it was the same hotel where I held my ROM. The stage set-up was really beautiful, my favourite among all the weddings which I’ve attended. It’s very whimsical and fairytale-liked with pure white satins, icy frosted branches topped with crystals and blue roses! As my table was at the far end, I was paiseh to go up to the front to snap pictures. However, I did snapped a picture of the floating(ornaments along the aisle). Pretty good food. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely friends. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

After the wedding, a couple of us(total 5) went Boat Quay to catch up on some drinks. It has really been forever since we pub, drink and sing together. We would have stayed longer till 2 or 3 am if Karen and me dont have morning events the next day. Nevermind, meet up soon!

(P/S Too bad Cel and Sean didnt came for the wedding as well as join for drinks because Cel wasnt feeling well due to her pregnancy. Hope she recover soon! Kudos to all preggie mummies!)


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