Interesting facts about my hubby

1) He can eat the same food for consecutively 3 days, and they are; 1) 鱼片汤, 2) Steamed promfret/codfish and 3) Mee-sua with dried anchovies(江鱼仔) and meatballs(cooked by me)

2) Every night, he must drink either hot milo or cereals before he goes to sleep

3) When he fell asleep, he will naturally cradle one side of his own face like a little boy

4) He seldom snores but when he does, he sounds like the “Predator” in “Predators VS Aliens”

5) Whenever we’re having chinese food, he has the habit of eating his rice and his dishes SEPARATELY; i.e, one mouthful of vege/meat, then another mouthful of plain rice. And he eats twice as much vege/meat than his rice

6) He’s very particular about being early for his work appointments. So much so he can drive much faster if he’s running late for appointments but not when I’m starving. ZzZ. Ok lah, but he will (sometimes) cancel his appointments to bring me see doctor if I’m very sick.

7) As a very witty, matured and sensible man, SURPRISINGLY, he loves watching bo-liao videos on Youtube which includes bo-liao people mimicking other bo-liao people. Which I dont understand lor. =P

8) Somehow, he must watch every Leonardo DiCaprio movie, no matter how bad are the reviews

9) Other than the usual comedies, he actually likes movies like “The Scary movie” and “Austin Power”. Which I dont understand why………

10) He’s diligent in everything but particularly lazy when it comes to changing his clothes. (=.=)””

11) Whenever he knows he’s in the wrong, he just stay silent for a couple of hours or days, then he’ll apologized. Super lagging.

12) His good temper is unlimited but can fly into a rage whenever I distrust him.

13) He usually cant differentiate times when I’m serious or when I’m joking. He always took in the OPPOSITE.

14) He’s one who almost dont speak up for any unjust things done to him. He will just swallow it.

15) He’s twice as witty and charming infront of other people than infront of me. He dont understand why also, especially when I told him pator that time, he’s not like that. =P

“不知道为什么在你面前, 我就是会稍微笨一点…” Haha.

Okie~ Hope everyone can also discover 15 interesting facts about your loved one. You will realise you still love them no matter how “weird” they are. Haha.

Wonderful day~ Cheerios!

(Hmmm……….I seriously doubt he can come up with more than 3 for me. Duhz.)


2 Responses to Interesting facts about my hubby

  1. efatrie says:

    so sweet!!!

    ok i go and think abt 15 facts for mine bf lol!

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