Review of Spectacle Hut – Unprofessional

Around 2 weeks ago, I realized my power of sight has deteriorated. Hence, I went to a few spectacle shops to view their different frames as well as prices. I finally settled my new pair at Spectacle Hut, having chosen a titanium frame. In the past, I always dread wearing my specky because it always cause me headaches. Other reasons include: I dont like to wear specs because it’s uncomfortable if I have any skincare on, or inconvenient if I wanna put masks.

Fully expected my myopia as well as astigmatism to increase. I was still surprised, because my astig has no change while lazier eye got lazier.


Anyway, after the order of my specky was finalized, I consulted Eve, the lady who tested my eyes, what degree should I buy for contact lens(without astig). Because I was told the degrees for specs and contact lens are different; i.e, contact lens degrees should be slightly lower.

However, Eve gave me a much much higher power than my actual degrees are. Her reason being: I’m buying contact lens without astig and I need to compensate that. I dont know how she calculate but she mumbled about adding half of the astig to myopia degrees.

Old power: LHS 475, RHS 550
(Old Contact lens power: LHS 450, RHS 525)

Astig: LHS 125, RHS 75(remain the same)

And so, I was advised:

New power: LHS 475, RHS 600
(New Contact lens power: LHS 525, RHS 625)

“You’re very sure? I use this to go and buy my contact lens ok?” I confirmed.

She replied in the positive, confidently. And I went home and started ordering my 5 pairs of Korea cosmetic lens via spree.


After few days, my specs were ready. When I went to collect, Eve wasnt there and her colleague tended to me. As the contact lens degrees were written on the collection slip(which he needed to keep), I asked him to copy the degrees for me on another piece of paper. He took a look and matched it with my actual degrees, and said it will be too heavy if I follow Eve’s prescription. He changed it to;

Eve’s prescription: LHS 525, RHS 625

New guy’s prescription: LHS: 500, RHS: 575

Such a big difference for my right eye!

When I mentioned that I’ve already ordered my lens, he said I can try to change my order. I said I will try, but if I cant, and Eve’s prescription come up to be too deep for my eyes, I will want their company to compensate me.

We exchanged quite a couple of sentences but in short, he said they will only be responsible when I buy contact lens from them. If from other shops, MAYBE. And if I buy from private sprees, it’s totally impossible.

I’m of course, FUCKING PISSED LAH.

Hello, your colleague advised me the wrong degrees which not only will result me in buying unsuitable degrees, it will also harm my eyes if I unknowingly wear them for as-long-as-it-takes-till-the-next-checkup.

Do you know how detrimental that can be?

He kept on emphasizing that the lens I bought via sprees might not be approved by some 3-letter-organization. But THAT’S NOT THE POINT! The point is: because of your unprofessionalism, I’ve made a wrong decision, suffered a loss and bought unsuitable lens which might be detrimental to me in the long run. And he got the cheek to say even if I bought my lens from reputable shops, I might not be able to get them liable also. How I wish to slap that “act-sorry-but-silently-smirking” face.

“Even if we’re willing to compensate, how should we compensate? On what basis? Since yours is a private spree.”

What an idiot. Compensate based on selling price plus postage, a.k.a, the total amount I paid lah.

Anyway, I refused to argue with that idiot further since we’re on different wavelength. So I said, “We’re see. See whether I can change my orders in time, and if it’s not possible, we’re see whether the degrees are suitable for me to wear. If not………….hng.”

Shot him a killing glance before I turned and stalked off.

So, I frantically emailed the spree organizer to change my order.

I started to wonder what should be the proper way to calculate the degrees for contact lens from the original spectacle’s degrees, if astigmatism is in question.

I went to another shop, i.e, the shop where dearie made his spectacles and asked the assistant. And he said, yes, there’s a need to compensate the astig but maximum only compensate 25(or 50, I dont remember). If astigmatism is too high, it’s better to wear contact lens with astig. There’s no other way to compensate high astig by increasing the myopia degrees because it might be too “heavy” for our eyes especially contact lens is so much nearer(practically on our eyeballs) to our eyes as compared to spectacles.

And he advised LHS: 475, RHS 575

Merely a 25 degrees difference for left side, from the new guy’s prescription.

So I can finally, confidently concluded Eve totally cant make it.

From what I learned, (if I’m not wrong), firstly, you’re supposed to minus 25degrees from your original (spectacle) degrees for contact lens.

For example, if your degree is 500, then only wear 475 for your contacts.

And depending on your level of astig, you can add on half of it, subjecting to a max of 25 or 50, depending on your preference.

So there’s no need to add if your astig is 25 or lesser but optionally, you can add a max 25 for an astigmatism of 50-95, and min 25 or max 50 for an astigmatism of 100 or above.

This is what I’ve learned from the kind optician which I last consulted at Yew Tee Point.

THANKFULLY, I’m able to change my spree orders.

And no more Spectacle Hut from now on. Their service and professional level sucks BIG TIME!


2 Responses to Review of Spectacle Hut – Unprofessional

  1. Optometrist says:

    Sorry, but that’s no rule of max -0.25 or -0.50 compensation for astigmatism. The lady eve is partly right to say that compensation should be half of the astig, but this is subjected to vertex compensation on both axis and client sensitivity.

    And please consult optometrist before making such claims. And do not buy from Spree. OOB can take legal action against you and the seller.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      But if I follow Eve’s advice, the degrees might be too much/heavy for me, since the guy’s recommendation of degrees works right.
      Anyway, still thanks for your comment. =)

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