Treasure your loved ones…

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Listening to the pattering of raindrops on the window panes, I was suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Dearie had just floated into a deep slumber. Finally my heart was eased with relief. As 1-2 hours ago, he suddenly woke up from his sleep and stared blankly into space, clutching his hand to his chest. At 4+am in the morning, it freaked me out as I stared at him in silence, wondering was he sleepwalking.

Apparently, he wasnt and he said he had difficulty in breathing. I understood that feeling perfectly as I experienced that just a few weeks ago. Alarmed, I got him a glass of warm water with a pill which was taken to aid in breathing for asthmatic patients. The pills were mine of course, prescribed for me to open the airways so that it’s easier to breathe. As the pill was no elixir, it was until 1+hour later before his breathing was regular. And I accompanied him through, making sure he was alright. Despite how we’re consumed with fear, we’re glad that we dont have to visit 24hours clinic or the A&E department.

And you might be thinking we’re making a mountain out of a molehill when it’s merely a case of breathing difficulties. Let me tell you something. Few weeks ago, I received a call from mummy, telling me her friend had being sent to the hospital unexpectedly. Reason being: Difficulty in breathing.

I sucked in my breath, and for around 5 seconds, I said nothing. I was having the similar problem for the previous few days but was thankful that it subsided.

The friend is the hubby of Mummy’s buddy and around 50years of age. I always addressed him as “Uncle”.

Well, I’m thinking….it should be something minor and not anything catastrophic to worry about. We were just being cautious after-all. Uncle will probably be discharged after max 2 days, I thought optimistically.

However, 3 days passed but Uncle was still hospitalized and was shifted to the ICU.

What happened??

Mum said Uncle had contracted H1N1 and the condition was complicated and aggravated by his diabetes. The doc even advised us to be prepared for the worst.


To me it was like a bomb descended from the sky, out of nowhere. To his family members, they probably felt the sky fell…………

Another 5 days later…Uncle left…..just like that.

Seriously, how can anyone be really mentally prepared for a death of a dear loved one in mere 8 days? And who can guess that the initial symptom of breathing difficulties can lead to death? Yes he has diabetes, which we all know will complicate any tom-dick-and-harry illness but still, he was still joking, laughing and kicking 8 days ago despite diabetic and all.

I arranged to meet mom at the wake. Her tears just fell uncontrollably at the sight of Uncle’s face. I looked at him for only 3 seconds and had to forcibly tear my gaze away, pulling mom with me. Because I know my tears will also fall if I looked longer. I certainly dont wish to ignite any of the family members’ grief with my tears as I knew they were all holding up, strongly. They were all very strong. “I must be strong too”, I told myself, especially when I’m there with the documents for Auntie to file the death claims.

As much as I dont wish bring up the subject of claim settlement so promptly and efficiently at the wake, I think they will understand as I’m helping by endeavoring to deliver the cheque as soon as possible. We know money cant bring him back…but at least…it’s his token…his token of love for his family.

Diabetes is like an evil, scary and extremely deadly accomplice.

My ex-employer’s both legs were amputated as a result of that…and have to sit in a wheelchair forever…and do you know how brilliant he is? He manages his business together with his wife and is like the most humble and nicest person around. Haiz…..

For those who’s unaware, anyone with diabetes(no matter how minor) are not allowed to buy medical/major illnesses insurance. For savings/investments…maybe. So get yourself covered as early as possible to avoid rejection.

Therefore, can you imagine my anxiety when dearie woke up in the middle of the night with breathing difficulties and saying he might need to go hospital if the condition continues? Sigh…thank god he’s okie now.. I’m not feeling good these days too. While I revel in the joy of my healing coldsore, I suddenly developed ulcer and it is freaking unbearable when the bottom lip is swollen. It is so swollen that the ulcer grinds against my teeth even when I’m doing absolutely nothing! Not to mention it is a chore trying to eat, shuffling all the food to the right for chewing. To make things worse, I was also down with cough and running nose. I’ve sneezed for a few hours already and it only just stopped sometime ago after I had my 2nd pill of Clarinase. Sigh…….I should go sleep now. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow.

Treasure your loved ones…………Wishing everyone good health and happiness, as I believe these 2 are the most important things in life.


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