It has been a joy reading Rain’s blog on her Europe 37 days adventure. Not only there are plenty of the gorgeous babe’s pictures, pictures of the various renowned monuments with background history, there are also interesting discoveries and valuable tips.

While I was on my trip, I also did mentally note down those points. But alas…when it’s my turn to blog, I realised there were soOoo many things and details. If I were to be precise and detailed, my Europe trip will take more than 3 entries. Not to mention, some facts and info were long forgotten after I’m back. =P So I truly salute her patience in blogging the trip. =) Hmm….and it calls to mind that I hope in the near future, we can go tour together! Perhaps not as long and far as her last trip. Maybe we can go taiwan/hongkong/korea etc. =D

And this is what the lovely babe bought for me.

Crab Tree & Evelyn

From London

Hand therapy

Damn big tube. I think I can use very long. Lol.

I am very very touched because hers was a backpacking trip. Imagining carrying my gift(together with all her other friends’ gifts) on her tiny back all the way back to Singapore…somemore she isnt big size to begin with.

Awwwww……….thanks so much sweetie!!



Hopefully year end we can arrange a trip together. =D

While packing them into my bulging wardrobe, I realised I realllyyyyy have alot of brand new stuff not yet opened. Some are gifts from friends who went overseas. OMG, I need to use them soon already because they are accumulating!

From left: From Der/Eil from NZ and Hui from Japan.

Hair dye & Lip gloss from Li from Japan.

Awwwww! I’m so blessed! =D Thanks for all!! I hereby declare I dont have to buy any more body/hand lotions from now till next year!!


2 Responses to BFF

  1. RaiN says:

    Aww… so sweet
    But hor… just to be sure. BFF = Best Friend Forever right? Not Big Fat friend right?
    wahahahahaha…. I so happy to read this post lor. And I even noticed I now have a tag of my own. My… I am jumping around in joy lor
    Yesh!! Let’s “elope” together soon!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Fat your head lah. =P

    Yeah, before we elope, must find a weekend come out drink first. Anywhere but M hotel. Hahahaha.

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