Just finished reading Hui’s blog and I simply felt sad. I know perfectly how one feels to see their loved ones on a hospital bed. I understand perfectly how one’s heart can constrict due to pain, seeing their loved ones in misery. With all those love and hurt, I can just imagine the wrath where there are hypocritical relatives around, shedding crocodile’s tears.

Her post is titled “Hypocrites”.

Ha….immediately, few names popped into my head. But these people were considered “minor” cases already. For, I’ve met worse ones.

One of my dad’s sister-in-law(brother’s wife) actually conned my grandma(her husband’s mother) into buying a new 5room flat for them by paying the down-payment with all the substantial subsidies WITH a promise that they(with her husband, a.k.a her son) will take care of her as well as grandpa till old age. So they sold their old house and all shifted in to the new 5-room together with my grandparents.

My mum had invited her and grandpa to stay with us so that she can take care of them many many years back. She did not and never expect anything in return. But grandma rejected us because she find our place too dingy. And main thing was, my dad wasnt her favourite son. Well, I cant blame her. I thank her though for the rejection. I do not appreciate anyone who sniggers at my kind mummy’s sincere invitation. On the other hand, Grandpa did understand but I guess he always leave the decision to his wife.

Shortly after few years, that uncle and his wife kicked both old folks out of the house to tend on their own. Perhaps they know my grandparents have money, so they bo chup. My grandparents eventually rented a place to stay on their own until my grandpa passed on…followed by my grandmother.

Of course, we dont keep contact with such people, nor will they notify us of the death news especially since my mum was already divorced then. Surprisingly, grandpa appeared in mummy’s dream saying he had already passed on and asking her to take care of herself and her kids. Therefore we knew about it and all of us went down to the wake.

And we heard from an auntie(father’s sister), while my grandparents were still breathing in the hospital, all the daughters-in-law were already eagerly, DESPERATELY asking about the inheritance, the WILL and stuffs. By the way, most of the aunties(total got 5) married rich husbands and are living comfortably, so they were not anxious for the inheritance. But again..I think traditionally, they only distribute among the sons(and hence, daughter-in-law). I’m not sure though, nor do I care.

Sometimes, when I watch TV shows, I will wondered out loud, “got people stoop to such level one meh? They 要不要脸啊??”

But you will be surprised. Really got SUCH people so 不要脸, so 没良心.

Like what Hui said, 人在做,天在看.



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