I love BV

As promised! Some of my shopping buys the day before. I dont usually take pics and post about them. Not only must they be great buys, I must also have the mood to snap them and post, which is very seldom because I’m so lazy. Haha.

I simply adore Bugis Village. They have the most IN stuff and at great/reasonable prices too! This time round, I dragged dearie to buy clothings too. =P

Pink stripes long-sleeved top

Simple top. Difficult to describe the colour, light-green beige?

The details

The above 2 are priced at 2 for $30. So cheap! The material is excellent, very soft and thin(but not flimsily-thin type), suitable to wear in Sg. Can always pull up to become 3 quart sleeve. They dont have a fitting room, I merely measured them against dearie’s shoulder. Thank god he looked wonderful in them. Smart and broad-shouldered and all. \(^o^)/

It’s not easy to buy clothings for dearie. H doesnt know what he looks good in so usually I will pick out some and let him choose. Hahaha.

Light denim shorts

I need one for my team-bonding games attire because we’re the ZOHANS!!!


Opps forgot to snap pic of the back of the shorts but both are pretty nice with buttoned pockets. Sibei sad. I wear L size. Boohoo! =( Tua Car-Cheng~ Oh they’re $18 each!!

Sweetie Tanks!! Each at $9. =D

小碎花! Hee!

篮苹果! Teehee!


大花痴. Hahaha.

The material is so soft. =)

I bought these 2 lovely belts at $10 each last time, together with 2 maxi dresses.

How can I miss buying my favorite…..BAGS right??!! Lol!

I used to adore such weaved-basket bags but was always wary of their uncomfortable handles which will hurt my shoulders. Finally I found 2 which are comfortable. =)


Lovely scarf ribbon at extra $4

I always prefer zipped bags for more security.

Comfortable straps

Smaller and weighs lighter. On days which I dont need to smuggle drinks into cinemas. Haha.

Scarf ribbon at $4.

Comfortable straps

Hmmm……I dont quite remember how much exactly I paid for each bag but I paid a total of around $68. The big one was probably $36 while the smaller one $32. Bought at one of the push carts in Bugis Junction.

I seldom buy things from Bugis Junction push carts because I can usually buy the same stuff at nearby Bugis village for less than half the price. However, these 2 bags have really good workmanship, the sales assistants are really not pushy and very polite too. Bad thing is, I probably cant untie the scarfs for other uses as I dont know how to tie them back, prettily. Hmmm….anyone know please teach me ok? =D

Oh yes yes!! Combing all the above purchases, together with my last 2 maxi dresses purchases, it’s 浪漫度假风出击!!

A simple casual one only lah. Keke. Btw, I really do recommend Mayuki Tokyo fashion, not bad.

Other matching accessories can be big-flower-hairclip(Rain wore it so well!), big staw hat(Joy carried it very well too!) and lacy hairbands with big curls. Hmm…all of the above are I either dont own them or I dont dare to wear them. Haha. A matching pair of cork wedges is in order. Damn….but I cant find my size ANYWHERE. Sad…..

Next up, my idol Coco is now the spokesperson for HANG TEN!! So of course must support right? Hee. 2 pieces for 30% off and 4 for 50% off! Including new arrivals too! I bought 2 jeans while dearie bought 2 tops. The latest range is really not bad, pretty youthful and trendy and not like the usual BOSSINI or GIORDANO etc. Take a look!

Loving the light purple embroidery!! And….

The gem gem button studs!

I like the cutting…and…

the white wash…and…

Again the gem gem studs! Heehee!

Actually we went Bugis Village again today!! As we didnt finished combing it through on friday. Dearie bought a pair of white casual covered shoes at $30 while I bought a pair of sandles at $20. Both at level 2 of Bugis Village. Dearie bought 2 pairs of slacks too at $32. I also bought 7 pairs of undies at $20. They’re so sweet and comfortable!! Too bad I cant show them here…but they’re really very kawaii! =D

Although BV has many cheap clothings…..do look out for the quality and stitches. It’s definitely possible to find gems among them. Do not be impulsive to buy anything that’s cheap. You’ll end up buying rubbish which is not comfortable or gets torn after washing.

Enjoy your shopping!


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