Mother-In-Law’s birthday

We have been going to zi char stalls to celebrate the various occasions like father/mother’s day and birthdays etc. But this year(last sunday), we decided to bring MIL to somewhere different to celebrate her birthday. =)

Fisherman’s Wharf

I heard about them twice of their famous fish & chips at toa payoh but after goggling it for their reviews, I realised the reviews for their fish & chips are merely so-so while they have positive reviews for their chinese dishes.

Dearie’s family is definitely one who prefer authentic chinese dishes so after I took a mental note of the popular dishes, we proceeded to Japanese Garden Road for their Jurong branch according to the map on Google.

Alas, it turned out the address is correct but the map is totally wrong! We turned and turned in circles around Jurong Country Club and loitered around the Science Center but still couldnt find it. When I called the restaurant, some stupid china lady answered the phone and she couldnt tell me more about the location except it’s at Japanese Garden Road. Exasperated and out of desperation, I called again and spoke to the manager who told me it’s near Yuan Ching Road and the various directions leading to them. Thank god MJ know the way.

Was almost fainting of hunger when we reached. Duhz, if it was any other occassion, we would have probably chin chai settled elsewhere for dinner already. And that, was the reason we speculated for the empty restaurant.

“Mother, 我包了整间酒楼给你. 哈哈哈!”, Dearie said out loud. And we all broke into laughter, totally indifferent to the manager’s uneasy expression. Lol. It’s merely a joke lah, no offence. =) A total of 6 of us; FIL, MIL, Dearie, Me, Dearie’s younger bro and gf(MJ and Sandra)

Now, for your gastronomic galore! Fisherman’s Wharf!

Soup!! We had the shark fins!!

I tell you…..I seriously think this is the yummiest of all the sharkfins I have ever eaten next to Swiss Hotel. Flavour, ingredients, freshness. It’s my first time skipping the vinegar because I felt the taste was just wonderful.


Intact fins instead of smashed fins


My next love. Generous amount of crab meat!! Even Swiss’s sharkfins dont have that much!


Goldensand Prawns

This is as yummy as it looks!

If you think this is another normal fried prawn dish then you’re wrong! The gigantic prawns were fried to perfection and stir-fried with salted egg! Absolutely delicious and doesnt taste oily! However, I realised I simply cant stomach another after my 2nd prawn. It became kinda…腻. Still good though.


Spinach Tofu

Kinda bland and the tofu was soOoo soft until….it was abit…nua…


Scallops with broccoli

Scallops were fresh and the dish was not bad overall. Will prefer the broccoli to be softer though. However, MIL liked it. =)


Steamed Promfret(teochew style)

Fish was fresh, texture and taste okay but not fantastic. The best steamed fish we’ve tasted is still from How Hup at Balestier Market. Probably cant find a better one elsewhere.


Stir-fry deer meat

Meat was very tender and fresh, yummy sauce as well! However….all of us highly suspected it was pork instead of deer meat. Lol.

Total bill came up to around $230 for 6 of us. I wasnt surprised as it was a chinese restaurant and we ordered sharkfins. While I fully expect the sharkfins to cost around $80+ because of the generous luxurious ingredients, I was surprised to find that it was only $60. Pretty reasonable. Prawns and scallops each $30, fish $53 etc. The fish was seriously overpriced for it’s standard. It wasnt a very big fish to begin with.


Oh perhaps it’s better to ask the rough price of any whole fish dishes that you meant to order. Dearie told me about someone kanna chopped at Sentosa Resort when they’re being served unknowingly with a $1500 fish! Obviously they complained about it. Although the fish was indeed of a premium grade, they should have the courtesy to ask whether the price is okay. $1500 for a fish is simply crazy, to me.

Alright, hopefully you find the above review useful and give you insights on what to order and what not to order. =)


See ya!! I’ll update my shopping post soon. Bought many stuff at great prices!! =)


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