Just now I was queuing to collect my drinks order from the counter at the cafe below my company. And a uncle just strode forward beside me from nowhere and laid down his order chit infront of me, obviously wanna cut my queue. Immediately I looked at him with an obvious perplexed and ridiculous expression and he got the cheek to smile at me like an idiot. Ignoring him AND his order chit, I handed mine to the server to retrieve my orders. He seemed buay song, got back his chit and slammed it down infront of him.

Where got people like that one???

Hello you think I’m going to let you jump queue just because you smiled at me? Even if you’re Andy Lau also no use loh, not to mention you have nowhere in common with him except your leg hair. Moreover I doubt any decent gentleman will do that. In addition, I was in a hurry to grab my sandwich lunch and drink and go back to my seminar.

What an arsehole.

Seriously, I really feel most SG males are slowly getting more and more cannot-make-it.


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